Choosing children’s wallpaper to create a perfect bedroom

For some parents, getting their children to sleep in their own bed for even a few hours, yet alone a full night, can be a difficult and frustrating task. From my own experience, it is very easy to put a child to bed each night, but keeping them there is quite another thing. Therefore, creating a warm and welcoming bedroom environment where a child feels safe and secure is of paramount importance.

One of the ways you can achieve this is with your choice of wallpaper or wall covering. Your choice can be something that is calm and tranquil, and therefore conducive to sleep, or it could be related to a place that is special to your child – like a zoo, or a farm. It could be an imaginary land, or have a pirate theme, or even be a world under the sea, quite literally anything that gives your child a happy place, and allows them to have a sense of ownership.



Choosing the right wallpaper of covering is important, so I’ve come up with a few things you could consider to help you make the right choice for your child.

A feature wall

A good idea for a small bedroom is a feature wall.  Large prints and images could swamp the room if used throughout, but just keeping the paper choice to a feature wall this avoids making the room smaller.  You can then add a plain paper or neutral or complimentary colours to the other walls.


A Transfer or design

A transfer of Batman, or Elsa from Frozen, or your child’s favourite football team emblem, these can be a way of creating a child’s themed room without having to cover every inch of the room in the same design. It may also prove easy to remove once your child has grown out of that particular interest.

Smaller prints and patterns

Wallpapers with smaller, continuous patterns are another way to make a smaller bedroom seem bigger. These are less jarring than big patterns for the senses, and this can also be a good idea if the print in question is one that could become scary once the lights have gone out. Small cute dinosaurs can seem much more friendly than a huge, threatening T-Rex!


Whatever you choose, the key thing is to let your child be involved in choosing too. Let them know it is their special space, and hopefully you will all be getting that good night’s sleep.

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