Oscar shares his #Pethates

Pet insurance is so important, especially if you have more than one furry friend. Vets bills, the cost of inoculations and just ensuring your pet is ok through a range of MOT style check ups are all so important, but are also costly. Animal welfare charity The RSPCA are working with MORE TH>N Insurance to provide UK pet owners with a range of insurances to suit both their needs and, more importantly, their budgets? One great feature of this is that MORE TH>N can cover all of your dogs, and cats, in one single policy and you’ll also be eligible to receive a 10% MultiPet discount

In celebration of the great range of new policies, I have been asked to pass the reins of the blog over to Oscar the Cocker Spaniel, who is going to talk to you (or maybe that should be bark at you), one of his #pethates. This is something that really upsets and frightens Oscar, and, as we are at that time of year when it seems every day has a reason for letting off fireworks, I think this is the perfect time for Oscar to explain how this makes him feel.

12063327_823154991115937_6798517794290575576_n 12003317_820320478066055_2650723270599429351_n “…There are many thinks that I like, scratch that, love. Footballs, bones, cuddly toys, chicken nuggets, socks, brand new shoes, sniffing fence posts, it has to be said I’m a pretty easy going dog. But my #pethate, the one thing I cannot stand is those fireworks that seem to have been going off nightly for at least 2 weeks now with no sign of stopping. Here’s the thing, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun, but it is called Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes night and I’m pretty sure that means singular – one. And yet, every night I seem to be half scared to death by enormous bangs which mean I don’t want to go into the garden, and instead either spend my time bravely barking, or sadly whimpering in a corner. My ears are sensitive and I just don’t understand where the bangs are coming from. And that scares me…”

Does you dog or cat have a pet hate? Are you fed up of the constant fireworks?

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  1. I don’t have any pets but have friends who do and was so surprised at a friends vet bill for the pedigree cats. Insurance is a must! You want to keep your pets safe and healthy but also not spend your life savings especially if they need serious treatment etc

    Chelsea | http://www.lifeinthenorth.com

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