How to give your home a vintage feel without spending a fortune

If you’re a fan of the vintage look, then there’s no reason it shouldn’t be achievable with interiors. If you do decide to completely transform your home using only vintage style materials, then of course you’re going to assume that they’ll cost you’re a fair bit. But before you dip into your savings to get your dream flooring, read this first.

Getting that desirable and authentic look doesn’t need to be such a worry to your wallet. You’d be surprised by how you can still get the look you’re after for a fraction of the price by looking at other flooring alternatives.

Typically, you’d associate a vintage interior with the  highly desirable wood flooring. Notably, a gorgeous parquet or herringbone style with lots of knots and grains to really exaggerate that natural vintage look. Not only will this style flooring give you that old fashioned appearance but is also bang on trend at the moment. Of course, this flooring is a great option…at a high price! It’s well known that wood is beautiful and authentic, but a pricy option. Most of us can’t afford to lay real wood all over our house, even one room is a treat!

One of the best things about real wood is that there’s a huge variety of looks too, from different finishes, wood types to colours. If you’re really wanting to go to town with the vintage look for flooring, then a shabby chic whitewashed look would work wonders in your interior. Equally a distressed or hand scraped finish will add even more character into your room, it’ll pop!

With this being said, it’s worth looking at other alternatives that look almost identical to real wood and are generally cheaper and easier to maintain. Therefore, we’d recommend considering either laminate or Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Both of these materials look strikingly similar to real wood, with the grains and knots stressing wood’s natural imperfections beautifully. If you decide to tackle the project yourself check out the five best laminate wood cutters  to make sure you are using the correct equipment.

Although real wood will really add a rich vintage charm to your space, it’s not always very practical. It can scratch, stain and not good when it comes into contact with lots of water.

So, if you’re a big fan of vintage style flooring but just need something that’s not going to break the bank, don’t despair. You can almost certainly get the look you’re looking for with laminate and LVT, as well as a host of other benefits too!


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