How to Have the Ultimate Cosy Night In.

The days are short and very, very cold. Night comes earlier and earlier, and, if you are a bear, you’ve already made the sensible decision and hibernated for the duration of the Winter. But although hibernation is not an option for most folk, we can make the most of the dark and cold by enjoying cosy night’s inside, where we can snuggle up with our loved ones and enjoy all the peace and slumber, with a classic movie, our favourite loungewear, good food and drink, and all the warmth and comfort you find in front of the fire.

Here are some of the main ingredients you need in order to have the perfect, cosy night in.

A Good Film

It may still be a little too early for the Christmas films, but now is certainly a good time to watch a classic feelgood movie. I personally love the classic movies of Hollywood’s golden age, whether it be ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Gone with the Wind’ or ‘All about Eve’. Another great choice for cold, stormy nights is one of the classic Alfred Hitchcock thrillers. Watching the new Mrs De Winter as she arrives at Mandeley in ‘Rebecca’ is possibly the perfect movie to watch as the night’s draw in, even if you do watch some of it through your fingers…

Get Cuddly in your clothing

Winter is all about being warm and cosy, especially when the weather outside is anything but. Discard the bra and really throw off the day by opting for some soft jersey loungewear, a fluffy dressing gown and a pair of your favourite slippers. Slippers that keep your feet snug and warm do not have to be expensive, you can pick up cheap slippers that cost less than the average Costa coffee, but give you so much more in terms of long term comfort.

Food and Drink

When it comes to a cosy night in, the food and drink you choose should be of the comfort variety. Hot chocolate with marshmallows and squirty cream, mulled wine, anything containing Baileys, any sort of toddy, these are the perfect drink options for cold evenings. Add in dial a pizza, which is the number one food to accompany movie night, and you have all the key ingredients for a blissful night in.

Add a throw or blanket.

No matter how warm or cosy your home is, there are a few accessories that can put the capital C in Cosy. A soft fleecy throw or blanket to cover your legs as you cuddle up to your loved one, or your child is integral to your cosy night in. Fairy lights or any sort of soft lighting can also add to the mood in the room. And don’t forget to shut those curtains, you really need to leave Winter outside so you can bask in the warm glow you have created in your home.

The idea of the cosy night in almost makes me happy about the coming of Winter. When the weather turns cold, the very best thing you can do is embrace it by getting cosy.


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