How to Look Stylish in the Most Comfortable Way

Every morning, we fight the most important battle of our day: whether to dress for comfort or style. The reason this internal debate is so critical is because of the way you dress can greatly impact your mood and confidence. So while we may be fantasizing over cozy sweats and oversized hoodies, we have to pull ourselves together to create a look that has us feeling our best. But what if we told you that you could have an everyday, go-to outfit that combined the best of both the comfortable and stylish worlds?

Well, you absolutely can. This style guide will show you exactly what to mix and match so that you can look your best and feel even better every day.

Denim Who? Leggings Are Here to Stay

Jeans have been a staple in womenswear for decades, and rightfully so. They go with everything, they’re versatile and they are classic items that can survive for years in a person’s wardrobe. However, there are many reasons why denim is being tossed to the side. Between inconsistent sizing and lack of comfortability, jeans have been replaced by alternatives such as jeggings and leggings. However, unlike denim, many people wonder how to get away with wearing leggings every day. Use these tips on how to wear leggings so you can easily swap out uncomfortable denim for the comfiest pants of your life.

Tunics–If you’re worried about leggings being a little too exposing because of their stretchy material, pair them with long sweaters or tunics. This extra coverage will boost your confidence and you can top the look off with a moto jacket or cardigan for a more stylish look.

Strong Shoe Game–To dress up leggings, pair them with a strappy sandal heel or knee-high boots—depending on the season. These shoes definitely class up leggings and will make you feel ultra stylish while also feeling very comfortable.

Play with Structure
We’ve all been there: We’re getting ready for work, and while we know we should style an outfit around a blazer or chiffon blouse, we want to slip into an oversized hoodie. While it may seem like the best move in the moment, this style sacrifice could majorly impact your confidence. Instead, opt for an oversized sweater. While these sweaters closely resemble an oversized hoodie, they are much more polished. If you apply this advice on how to wear oversized sweaters, you’ll be able to achieve maximum comfort and style.

Oversized on Top, Fitted on Bottom–If you’re going to embrace an oversized sweater, be sure to pair it with some figure-hugging bottoms. Fitted bottoms will balance out the potential sloppiness of an oversized sweater, making it perfect for any occasion.

French Tuck–Oversized sweaters can drown out a figure if they aren’t styled correctly, which we absolutely don’t want. To avoid this, try tucking the front of your sweater into your jeans. This is called a “French Tuck,” and it’s a power move for the most stylish fashionistas out there. Add a belt and bam, you’re an it girl!

Monochromatic Is the Way

Our simplest hack to creating a perfectly chic and comfortable look is to keep the entire outfit within one shade. An all black outfit is powerful whether you are wearing sweatpants or a blazer and slacks. If you want to keep it comfortable, keep it all one color and no one will know that you hit the snooze button this a.m.

Level Up with Accessories

Let’s say you’ve committed to a completely casual look, and you’re totally okay with that. That’s cool, but you may be looking at accessories to spruce up the look a bit. Here’s how to dress up your casual look.

Jewellery–If you’re looking to accessorize with necklaces, bracelets and earrings, stick to one metal color and keep the jewellery simple. Top any look off with some hoop earrings or a dainty necklace. If you are gravitating toward more statement pieces, find a necklace that draws in emphasis, but make sure the rest of your look is pretty simple and monochromatic.

Scarves–A little scarf goes a long way. Sometimes scarves can add an extra special touch to our outfits, and they can also be super comfortable. If you have a monochromatic, comfortable look, add a scarf to create emphasis.

Hats–Having a bad hair day? Throw a hat on to elevate your entire vibe from casual to chic!

Sunglasses–A pair of bold sunglasses can bring an edge to any look. You could be wearing black sweatpants and a hoodie, but if you play your sunglasses card right, you’ll be looking sharper than ever.

Layer Your Way to Chic

Layering was made for lazy days but with careful styling, you could easily put together an ultra chic and sophisticated look that actually feels like you’re being cuddled by a bunch of blankets. Here are some staple wardrobe pieces that are comfortable and perfect for layering.

Button Up–If you want to make an oversized sweater work for the office, pair it with a button-up shirt. Pop the collar out of the neck of the sweater and cuff the sleeves.

Cardigans–Say you’re wearing a t-shirt and leggings. If you throw a chic cardigan over the look, you instantly get an outfit that’s sophisticated and a little more dressy.

Blazer–A blazer can work wonders for any outfit. Even over a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, it takes a look from day to day in the office.

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