Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

A gorgeously bright and colourful version of one of the most iconic musicals in modern theatre opened at the Wolverhampton Grand last night and had its audience enthralled. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is the famous biblical story of Joseph, brought to life through a montage of musical styles, from Do Wop to Country and Western, to Calypso and a whole lotta Elvis. Wonderfully family friendly, and surprisingly funny, Joseph is an absolute joy.

Joseph is one of those musicals that has it all, glorious, catchy songs, great opportunities for scene stealing performances, and the ability to look fantastic in its staging and sets, this production certainly ticks all the boxes. It looks amazing, from the Egyptian scenery, the bright coloured costumes and the hilarious sheep and camels which certainly raise a giggle. The songs which are pastiches on all the modern standard styles still sound so good, with the Country and Western styling of ‘One More Angel in Heaven’, the Benjamin Calypso and the brilliant Elvis spoof of Poor Poor Pharoah/Song of the King all stand out moments, along with the iconic ‘Any Dream Will Do’, which frankly just doesn’t age.


And then we have the performances. The whole cast is brilliant, but Joseph, performed by ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star Mark McMullen is just superb, with a powerful soaring voice, and a winning, charismatic personality. His voice literally lifts the roof with its power, and he delivers all his songs with charm and style. The fantastic narrator, as played by Alexandra Doar, is also very good and has another wonderful voice.


For many, the stand out scenes are those with the Pharaoh in full Elvis persona, and Henry Lawes as the Pharaoh is an absolute hoot, with ‘the King’ impersonation down to a tee.


Joseph is a classic Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical that seems to find a new audience every generation. With this latest witty and wonderful adaptation, it is not hard to see why. Go see.


26 Feb – 29 Feb 2020

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