Why most nursing home residents are women and what to do for men

More than 70 percent of people in nursing homes are women. This may seem like a staggering percentage, but there are reasons for this. Women on average live for longer than men and have a higher rate of chronic health problems and disability. They also earn less than men on average and so may be unable to afford care from home or have family caregiver support.

This can be especially difficult when looking for a nursing home for a man. It is important that they still feel able to join activities and make friends within the home. Most caregivers are also women, so men can often feel outnumbered. When choosing a nursing home to be sure to do your research and get a good idea of where you or your loved one will be most comfortable. You should avoid the worst nursing homes in America

Women outlive men by around five years on average. Furthermore, women who reach 65 live on average 20 years longer than men and if they hit 75 then they can expect to live for 13 more years. The older we get the more likely we are to suffer from illnesses and disabilities. The average age that women move into a nursing home is 80. One in five women who reach the age of 85 will need assistance with daily activities such as eating, dressing, and bathing. Furthermore, women are more likely to live alone. Nearly 70 percent of women who are 75 or older are divorced, widowed or unmarried, compared to only 30 percent of men.

Because women often earn less than men, especially the older generation, this can pose issues when it comes to affording care. The cost of a care home average around $20 per hour. 

These statistics also pose a challenge for men, who may struggle with isolation being surrounded by women in nursing homes. When visiting homes, you may want to ask about how many male residents they have. Some care homes may also have more male staff which could help. 

One way to help an elderly male to settle into a home is to encourage them to join activities. This will help them to feel less isolated. Family or friends may want to join them in activities initially until they feel more comfortable.

For men who are still able to get out and about you may also want to look into local community groups. There are men’s clubs for elderly people which could be a great way to get them out and about and keep them feeling connected to people. 

In conclusion, most nursing home residents and staff are women. This is because of their longer life expectancy, their increased risk of illness and disability and the fact that they are more likely to live alone. When it comes to placing men in nursing homes this should be taken into consideration and more care should be taken to make them feel settled. 

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