How to pack lightly for a weekend away

Packing for a weekend away can be tricky, especially if you’re flying with cabin only luggage which means trying to squeeze it all into a small case. When the suitcase refuses to be zipped on the eve of your morning flight, it is the moment of true anxiety and annoyance. You did your best to avoid finding yourself in this familiar tight spot, and yet it’s happened again. It’s easy to overpack so below are some tips on helping you strip back your packing to help you pack lightly.

If you’re travelling abroad then it’s worth checking if there are any limits on what you can take in terms of weight, liquid allowance and any other restrictions. You don’t want any last minute surprised when you’re ready to travel so it’s always best to double check!

Be strict with what you pack

Try to keep your emotions on hold and be more sensible about the whole process. And get rid of that “just in case” attitude. Instead of throwing everything you find in your eye-sight inside the suitcase. Make a list and stick to it, making sure you take things you really will wear. Look ahead at the weather, think about the activities you’ll be doing, so you really know what you’ll need. If you find yourself shopping before you travel then try not to get tempted by too many new items, remember that limit! If you are a type of person that finds it hard to pack lightly, then try travelling with a hard-sided suitcase, so it’s harder to overpack.

Choose light clothes over heavy ones

With spring just around the corner, going for a quick getaway should get a little bit lighter, at least in terms of the clothes that you are meant to pack, as most of the heavy winter clothes could be left at home. Of course, there will be a few items that you need to pack for the cooler hours in the evening or morning, but it will be less of them. Or at least there should be if you make a good list! But what with the rest? A good approach is to pack a few easy to wear, yet versatile basic tops that could be dressed up with anything from skirts, to shorts and jeans. This gives you a few options for looks you can wear from day to evening and makes packing light a lot easier!

Strip back your beauty routine

When it comes to trying to pack light with your beauty products it can be hard, we’ve all been there, trying to squeeze as much as we can into those small clear bags handed out at airport security. It can be a good opportunity to strip back your beauty routine, making sure to just take the essentials. Decanting products such as foundation, moisturiser, eye creams and cleaners into stacking containers, is a great way to save some space when packing your beauty products! Alternatively, you could plan a short visit at a drugstore once you arrive. It might be not a time, or money saver but will help to avoid exceeding weight limitations!


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