How to revamp your bedroom in three easy steps

If you’ve been putting up with a boring bedroom for too long, now’s the time to embrace change and revamp this part of your property. The good news is, as long as you know what you’re doing, you can give this space a facelift on budget and without even breaking a sweat. Here are some more hints and tips to transform your space in three simple steps. Step this way to a more stylish boudoir!

1) See the space in a different light  

When you think about the design features of your bedroom, lighting might be the last thing on your mind. However, the illuminations you use in this room can completely transform its appearance. By tweaking your light fixtures and fittings, you can achieve stunning results. For example, if you don’t already have them, consider fitting dimmer switches to your pendant or wall lights. This will help you to create a romantic, relaxing ambience at the twist of a dial. Don’t be afraid to make a style statement out of your pendants or lampshades either. Sculptural or supersize fixtures can make the perfect focal points for bedrooms. Also, for a little extra fun and a splash of glamour, why not strew some fairy lights around your bed?

As well as electrical lights, think about the natural brightness in your bedroom. By hanging blackout curtains in your boudoir, you can ensure you always have complete control over how light the space is. These accessories can help you to set the tone for a romantic evening in and, as its states on, these window dressings make it easier to sleep when it’s bright outside.

These are beautiful blackout curtains.

These are beautiful blackout curtains.

2) Set tone with stylish soft furnishings

Another way to breathe new life into your bedroom is to introduce an array of stylish and luxurious soft furnishings. It’s amazing how much of a difference a new bedspread, throw, rug or scattering of cushions can make to these spaces. Take the opportunity to experiment with different colours too. These design accessories give you a chance to test out a range of vibrant hues and patterns. Even if you prefer a neutral palette overall, it won’t hurt to add some colourful cushions or a bold bedspread.

Use bright coloured scatter cushions

Use bright coloured scatter cushions

3) Banish clutter with clever storage solutions  

Clutter is the nemesis of the discerning interior designer, so if your bedroom is brimming with cosmetics, clothes and books, it’s time to get serious about storage. If you’re a little lacking in floor space, make sure you take full advantage of the height on offer in your room by investing in tall dressers, wardrobes and cabinets. Also, if you have space under your bed, slide some storage containers there. This can be a great place to keep towels, bedding, clothes, shoes and more.

It might also be time to banish unnecessary possessions from your bedroom. Giving away that dress you love but will clearly never wear again might tug at your heart strings, but it will free up valuable space in your revamped room.

From Pinterest.

From Pinterest.

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  1. We need to revamp our bedroom – so thanks for the tips 🙂 I think we’ll start with the lighting, but hopefully we will also be able to get rid of some of the stuff that does not belong in our bedroom – like our children’s toys 😀

  2. Black out blinds are a must for me! I can’t sleep when its too light outside. And I am all for making the most out of space. I love the shelving idea.


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