How we date now.

I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years now, and we have been together for almost 22 years, so it is sometimes surprising to me when I think about how people date in the 21st Century. I met my husband through my sister and we spent our first dates in pubs (I’m sure my son will one day ask me ‘what was a pub?’), my husband paid for all the drinks and made sure I got home OK, by dropping me at my front door. It was chivalrous and gentlemanly, a little old fashioned I guess, but still lovely.

These days it all seems so different. I have attended two weddings in the past year where the bride and groom met through dating sites, and have single friends who use Tinder on a regular basis to meet new people and date. I know of people who have had their relationships ended through a text message on a mobile phone, and relationships that have been tested through Facebook messages and photographs on Instagram. It is all so modern and different, and reflects that the way we date, meet people and spend time with people has fundamentally changed so much, particularly in the last decade.

Money saving site My Voucher Codes has been looking at the way we date now, and the issues that have made a difference, from technology to AIDS,  from contraception to Netflix and Chill, and has produced a rather fun infographic looking at the factors that have effected the way we dated from the 1960s, right up to the present day.


Whether you did your dating in the 1960s, or if you are currently searching for the right one, it seems that every generation has its own set of dating challenges. Ultimately it does seem that the path to true love never ever runs smoothly.

You can read a more about the ideas behind the infographic here.

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  1. Divorce book, that is very apt! Unfortunately me and my husband have just separated, but we met in work, which was lovely at the time. I tried internet dating but it didn’t work for me at the time. I do think I will be trying it again though, once the dust settles.

  2. I met my husband online, but not in a traditional way. I was a bbw model and he saw my photos and liked what he saw and got in touch. He had such a fun personality and we got on so well so I ditched my promise about never dating a fan!!! 🙂

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