‘Parcel for Me’ changing online shopping

If you were asked what is the one thing that puts you off online shopping, what would you say? For me, it is very simple, it has to be the current delivery services offered by online stores and companies.

I will give you a clear example that has happened just this morning. I have had some boots delivered on a next door delivery service. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I will be in for the majority of the day, they have turned up just before 9am – the one period of the day I’m not in due to the school run. The boots are now sitting in a neighbour’s house, a neighbour I don’t actually know too well and hardly ever seems to be. So now my much wanted boots are almost in a kind of quarantine, and this might just remain the case for a few days, until I can track down my ever elusive neighbour. Frustrating isn’t it?

Parcel for Me may well be the answer to this sort of problem. An App which allows you to store all your delivery preferences, from place, time and day, Parcel for Me wants you to get your parcel first time, every time. By connecting the retailers, carriers and consumers the delivery experience becomes more personalised and therefore improved for everyone.

Parcel for Me would certainly help me avoid parcels during the school run, and struggling to get things I have tried to get delivered quickly. The idea is simple and yet so effective and useful. It may well just revolutionise our online shopping experience.


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6 thoughts on “‘Parcel for Me’ changing online shopping

  1. This sounds like a great solution and I am surprised there has not been an app like this before – sounds very useful as I do a lot of online shopping

    Laura x

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