Beautiful Blooms From Prestige Flowers

If there is one thing that I truly love, it is having fresh flowers in my house. I love the look and the scent of real blooms, and I always think they signify that Spring is actually here, even if for a few days it was masquerading behind wintry snow. On Mother’s Day, I am always presented with flowers, even if I have other gifts too, and these are the gifts I really love to receive.

If you are looking to present your mom with flowers this Mother’s Day, then I can highly recommend the beautiful Mother’s Day blooms from Prestige flowers. Prestige has a truly fabulous collection, and offer next day delivery, perfect if you are one of those people who leave everything until the last minute. The flowers arrive in a large box which gives them room to breathe, and with a good supply of water attached to the stems to keep them hydrated. This means that when they arrive they are fresh and blooming, not wilting but stunning.

The bouquets have all been skillfully arranged by British Florists and you can see this in the riot of colour and mixture of blooms and leaves. The arrangements are super attractive, sure to delight anyone receiving them as a gift. For Mother’s Day, Prestige have also created special gift packages that not only include the gorgeous flowers, but also delicious luxury chocolates and a cute teddy bear, creating a rather wonderful gift idea, particularly for a mom experiencing her very first Mother’s Day.

I have received my own bouquet from Prestige, and you can see from my pictures just how bright and beautiful the arrangement really is. If you are stuck for an idea of what to treat your mom to, you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel, sometimes the traditional gift idea is the best and still the most appreciated, because everyone loves to receive flowers from a loved one.



Christmas Gift Guide for Sports Lovers

We are now firmly entrenched in November. Halloween has gone, Bonfire Night is now a distant memory, so we can now firmly turn our thoughts to the most wonderful time of the year, at least in my eyes. Yes, Christmas is now just over a month away, and for some, this might mean that the panic is starting to set in. Because, although some people are very easy to buy a gift for, others can lead to many sleepless nights.

I have been writing a series of posts giving pointers to gift ideas that may be a little different from the norm. This post is some ideas for gifts for sports lovers. This can be an idea for something for those who partake in sports, or those who just enjoy it from the comfort of the stands, or even just get a thrill from watching it on their TV. There is just a football in this post – look out for a full football gift guide coming very soon, but there are other ideas that may just tick the box this Christmas.

A gift for a golf lover

Golf is one of the most popular sports and there are a range of gifts for the golf lover. A really popular and practical choice is a golf sweater. These come in a range of designs, from thin knits using Merino wool, to thicker, more winter friendly designs of lambswool. There are a range of patterns to suit all tastes, or you can opt for a plain version. If you know someone who truly loves their golf, this could be the perfect gift idea.


A Gift For a Darts Fan

Now, this could be something obvious, like a dartboard, or a set of personalised darts. But Christmas is the time of major darts tournament, with both the PDC and BDO hosting huge tournaments at the Ally Pally (Alexander Palace) and the Lakeside respectively. Tickets to watch these events could be a much appreciated gift  that is welcomed far more than chocolates or aftershave yet again.


Season tickets for your favourite teams can be very expensive, but many teams will sell a half season ticket as a Christmas gift idea, obviously this is much more affordable and you still get to see the rest of the season. This might be a good idea for someone who has only ju

st got into football and so may not have thought of getting a season ticket before.


If you are interested in woman’s football, the team is currently playing a series of qualifiers for the World Cup. Tickets are so much cheaper than for the National Men’s game, and in every likelihood the game will be better and more exciting. A family ticket could be a great idea for a Christmas gift to a sports loving family.

There are many more Christmas gift ideas that have a sporting theme. These range from novelty socks and slippers, rugby ball shaped washbags, replica retro football shirts and even aftershave that gives you the chance to smell like Beckham and Ronaldo. Whatever you give, the chances are that you will put a smile on someone’s face this December 25th.

‘Parcel for Me’ changing online shopping

If you were asked what is the one thing that puts you off online shopping, what would you say? For me, it is very simple, it has to be the current delivery services offered by online stores and companies.

I will give you a clear example that has happened just this morning. I have had some boots delivered on a next door delivery service. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I will be in for the majority of the day, they have turned up just before 9am – the one period of the day I’m not in due to the school run. The boots are now sitting in a neighbour’s house, a neighbour I don’t actually know too well and hardly ever seems to be. So now my much wanted boots are almost in a kind of quarantine, and this might just remain the case for a few days, until I can track down my ever elusive neighbour. Frustrating isn’t it?

Parcel for Me may well be the answer to this sort of problem. An App which allows you to store all your delivery preferences, from place, time and day, Parcel for Me wants you to get your parcel first time, every time. By connecting the retailers, carriers and consumers the delivery experience becomes more personalised and therefore improved for everyone.

Parcel for Me would certainly help me avoid parcels during the school run, and struggling to get things I have tried to get delivered quickly. The idea is simple and yet so effective and useful. It may well just revolutionise our online shopping experience.