Jacques Vert Group Dress Up for Summer

Summer is the season of the occasion, of weddings and tennis, of special events at the polo, the races, Henley Royal Regatta, maybe even a chance of an invite into the Royal Enclosure. All of this means that Summer is truly dress up season, a time when you need no excuse to don your most ostentatious hat and best dress.

The brands of the Jacques Vert group are experts in designing clothes that suit an occasion, along with a range of accessories to complete the look. Kaliko, Jacques Vert and Precis Petite are just full of beautiful pieces that combine style and elegance with the sort of modest pieces you need if you are to set the right tone and follow the dress code correctly.

I have been looking through the outfits that have been put together, and have chosen my favourites. These outfits have been put together for a specific event, but you could easily use them to adapt to your own special summer occasion.


Look 1

Silver Ring, Royal Ascot

What the Jacques Vert Group say – “The Silver Ring is the most informal area of Royal Ascot. It has a fairly relaxed dress code, but we say you should enjoy the excuse to get all dressed up! We recommend a stylish dress and co-ordinating fascinator for a sophisticated look.”


To get the look from Kaliko, click here

What I say

Angelina Jolie classic chic in an instant!

Angelina looks so chic in this white suit

Angelina looks so chic in this white suit

Look 2

Grandstand Admission, Royal Ascot

What Jacques Vert say “Grandstand Admission requires elegant daywear and is more formal than the Silver Ring. You are required to wear a race day hat or headpiece at all times, but don’t let this put you off. Precis Petite and Jacques Vert have a fabulous selection of elegant hats and fascinators to suit all styles.”


Get the look from Precis Petite – click here.

What I say

Queen of the wedding guests Pippa Middleton rocks this kind of outfit, mixing bright colours with monochrome.

51c6fc08b85c66e6d77e4dbb380c6b53Look 3

Luncheon at Wimbledon

What Jacques Vert say: “Wimbledon has no formal dress code, however if you are having lunch at one of the restaurant areas then an elegant occasion outfit would not go amiss. Choose a feminine prom dress to make you feel confident and dressed up.”


Get the look at Kaliko, click here.

What I say

I love this so much! What a way to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn.

One of Audrey Hepburn's most iconic looks

One of Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic looks

Look 4

Royal Enclosure, Royal Ascot

What Jacques Vert say – “The Royal Enclosure is the most formal area at Royal Ascot, and the dress code is elegant, formal daywear. Your shoulders and knees should be covered, and hats must be worn at all times. We have a fabulous selection of hats and headpieces, including a range by royal milliner Rachel Trevor-Morgan.”


To get the look from Jacques Vert, click here.

What I say.

It’s blue and it’s lace – Duchess Kate would just love this look!

Kate Middleton just loves blue lace and wears it a lot.

Kate Middleton just loves blue lace and wears it a lot.

To view all the Jacques Vert occasion wear, click here.

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