What would you do on your Lucky Day?

A few months ago I had a day that I would most definitely class as ‘lucky’. On this day I won a blogger fashion challenge which made me feel very happy indeed, I followed this with a Twitter competition win for a year’s subscription to Vogue. I then went shopping and picked up  a vintage dress and a pair of designer sandals from a charity shop for less than £10. To top it all off perfectly, it was a beautiful sunny day. None of the events were Earth shattering, but I started the day happy, and went to bed with a smile on my face.

Grosvenor Casinos recently hosted a ‘Luckiest Day competition’ to find someone who deserved to have a lucky day. The winning entry was Jamie a.k.a J-Dawg. Jamie was nominated by his friends for being a ‘top bloke’ who works hard for his family but never seems to have any time for him self.  As a prize, Jamie had a surprise, one off special day which ended with a big party held at his local Grosvenor Casino. The full video is below, and it is heart-warming and lovely, and full of instances that could definitely be categorised as ‘good luck’.

I’ve been thinking about what I would love to do if I was allowed to choose my own special day. Here are a few things that would make my day special – not necessarily ostentatious as such, but just things I would enjoy.

My Special Day.

1. Have a lie-in, and then have croissants with Nutella and a latte – in bed!

2. Would love to head to Chester shopping – one of my fave shopping places as I love the mixture of High Street and independent shops, and the Roman ruins that make the town so unique.

Shopping in Chester

Shopping in Chester

3. Lunch somewhere special – Thai or Japanese Tempanyaki would be lovely.

4. An afternoon at a spa with a facial and a massage would be great – I went to the Amala Spa last year and it was a totally uplifting, pampering experience.

5. I would finish the night back in Birmingham with a meal at Bun and Bowl – they do the best shrimps in town. A few Mojito’s would be the perfect end to a lovely, lucky day.

Bun and Bowl prawns

Bun and Bowl prawns

How would you spend a lucky day?

4 thoughts on “What would you do on your Lucky Day?

  1. Oh wow, I have no idea. Hopefully I would wake up pain free and then I would go swimming or to Yoga. I would have to google somewhere to lunch as I don’t eat out much and am Gluten/Dairy free. So somewhere that did that would be amazing. I think my evenng would consist of sitting somewhere and watching the world go by. The weather is warm but the way 🙂
    Beautiful Blog post. Was lovely to read.

  2. Sounds like a great day out! My lucky day would be breakfast in bed, even better if done by the husband 🙂 and then some relaxing, lying on the grass reading a book… finish it up with cocktails 🙂 Thanks for sharing yours x

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