January Charity Shop and Vinted Buys

I have to be honest and say that I have pretty much neglected my beloved Charity shops in the months before Christmas. This has been due to no other reason than being busy buying Christmas presents, organising my son’s 13th birthday, being snowed under with work, and generally not having lots of time to browse and enjoy. I have still been able to grab a few bargains, but not as many as usual, hopefully something I can put right this month.

Below are a few things I did manage to find, including the beautiful lace Yumi dress that I wore to the press night for 9 to 5, and that I think will work well in the summer with some silver strappy sandals. It cost less than a fiver, and still had the tags on. This dress is the perfect example of why sustainable shopping can also be stylish shopping too.

The Christian Siriano stripped top was probably the best charity shop bargain. It was on a table top sale at my local St Giles Hospice shop, and cost just 50p. (I mean, what can you actually buy for 50p these days…). It has a fine stripe through that doesn’t come out brilliantly on this shot, but is a really flattering, comfortable wear for warmer Winter days, and will work well as a transitional piece.

dress Yumi £4 Hospice Shop in Wales

Brooch Vintage £3 from British Heart Foundation

Top Coast £3 Acorns Hospice Shop

Shoes M&S from Ebay

Top Christian Siriano 50p from St Giles Hospice Shop

River Island boots from Vinted.

Cashmere Polo Neck £2.99 F&F from Beacon For The Blind.

Vintage Shop Finds

Again, I didn’t have to much time to visit Vintage and antique shops before Christmas, but over the break I visited one of my favourite antique centres in Ironbridge and snapped some of the items on offer there.

Car Boot Finds

Car boots can be a treasure trove for bargain hunters, and I think my H for Halston dress that I picked up for just £1 in November is absolutely one of my all time fave finds, especially as it fits like a glove. I actually wore this for The Snowman press night on Friday and loved how easy it is to wear.

Bag £1 car boot sale in Wales

Dune shoes from Ebay

H For Halston Dress £1 car boot in Wednesbury

Vinted Finds

And then there is Vinted, a site that I already loved with a passion, and found so many things on before Christmas, as people looked to make some extra cash and have a sort out before the Big Man came along. My favourite buys were the Primark coat, which was a replacement of exactly the same coat I bought a few years ago but now looked tatty. This was new with tags for £10, and although a size too big, I’m enjoying wearing it a little more slouchy and oversized. The other real bargain were the gorgeous Ganni animal print shoes that were also just £10. I know I’m going to wear them to death!

DKNY Top £3

Blue glitter Tu top £2

Dune bag on floor £5

Essential Antwerp top £6

Dune Betti shoes £6

Next jumper £6

Dorothy Perkins top £2

River Island Boots £5

Primark £10

Ganni shoes £10

1970s vintage dress £2

Ganni shoes £10

Vintage brooches – can’t remember price.

Art Deco pot £4

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