The Snowman is Just Magical At The Birmingham Rep

The Snowman is the jewel in the crown of the Birmingham Rep Theatre. It is the show that has traveled all around the world, delighting audiences everywhere, and now, after a break of three years, it is back on its rightful stage, spreading its snowy brand of magic that is simply wonderful. This is a timeless story that never ages, for as long as there is Christmas, there will be The Snowman.

It’s Christmas Eve when the snow falls and covers the garden of ‘the boy.’ He is so excited, building the biggest snowman he can before being taken to bed by his mom, to sleep as Santa does his work. But the boy is too excited to sleep, and in the middle of the night he ventures out to see his snowman, only to find that it has come to life. Various hilarious adventures happen in his house, from an encounter with the family cat (so funny!), to giant fruit limbo dancing in his kitchen. The adventures then culminate in the Boy and the Snowman flying through the night sky to the classic ‘Walking in the Air’ and traveling to see Santa Claus himself at the North Pole. He meets the other snowmen, the dancing penguins and Santa’s reindeers, But there is also the wicked Jack Frost, who wants the Ice Princess. Will The Snowman save the day before Christmas Day, and will the Boy get home safely?

The beauty of The Snowman is that it is almost like a silent comedy, it is all about the actions, the mannerisms of the boy, and the music. This makes it perfect for all ages to enjoy, it makes you laugh, it makes you smile, and, at the end, you may have a little tear. It also creates magic, with wonderful sets, dancing animals (the penguins in particular are real crowd pleasers) and the ever present snow. The show is never less than utterly charming, it is the perfect ending to Christmas, I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

A special mention must be made for The Boy, who on this occasion was played by the wonderfully natural Ethan Sokontwe. Ethan is a delight, he perfectly captures all the excitement and fun of a child on Christmas Eve, and his relationship with the snowman was just beautiful.

Go and see The Snowman and allow that Christmas magic to last just that bit longer.

The Rep Theatre until Sunday 9th January.

Click here for ticket information.

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