Joe’s #ColourMeinRK Challenge

This page is called Fashion Mommy, but more often than not it features more of the fashion, and less of the mommy side to me. But I was recently asked if I wanted my little one Joe to take part in a special challenge in collaboration with Britmums and Kelloggs Rice Crispies. This was the colour me in Rice Crispies challenge and involved a very large box of the cereal and a rather gorgeous colouring set containing a range of felts, crayons, glitter glue and magic pens. The idea was that Joe decorated his Rice Crispy packet however he wanted, and then I would upload a photograph of his masterpiece.

Now, Joe is ‘big boy three’ (his own words) and  has only just started to be interested in colouring in, being a very outdoorsey type in general. I think it has been a combination of the terrible weather and getting creative in his nursery school that has started to bring out the Picasso in him. Needless to say, on a very wet Saturday afternoon Joe jumped at the chance to decorate his Snap, Crackle and Pop.

Now Joe is from the more is more school of art, and so he had major fun trying all the colours and decorating his box. He needed encouragement to colour the character on the far right of the box, for ages he just piled the colour on the one I’m calling ‘Snap’ on the far left. But eventually he decided it was complete, and he was extremely proud of his creation.

Joe was so happy with his creation and his new art set, that he insisted on taking a few piccies for himself. Here are the rather abstract results…

With huge thanks to Britmums and Kelloggs for a lovely afternoon.

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