JOMO – The New Years Resolution that you can stick to

It’s that time of year where everyone promises to make some big changes in their life which will help them become a better person. This may be something like taking part in dry-january, or beginning to attend a gym (Or in my case just joining one and living off that knowledge for a few Months) For some it’s dieting, whilst many of us are cutting toxic people or habits out of our lives forever. 

New Year – New You?

Now, I am not judging, we’ve all seen the posts where people are rolling their eyes and making fun of this type of thinking but I say dear reader, what is wrong with trying? So what if you fall off the wagon once, just get back on again – and then again, and again and again.Until you have made the new way of thinking a regular habit.  I am a firm believer in taking baby steps to help achieve a huge goal as I run a quit smoking community on facebook – Quit smoking Support UK and as anyone knows, trying to quit smoking on average takes several attempts but many get long term success. 

In fact, the data suggests that it can take up to 21 days for something to become a habit – so keep pushing until it becomes natural people!


The thing about my group on Facebook is that is the fact that social media doing positive things for people when they use it. Which is why my current New Years Resolution may surprise you. I am actively part-taking in JOMO – The Joy Of Missing Out in regards to how I use my social channels. 

Why? Well I have began to take actual notice of my screen time, and turns out that I spend an awful lot of time looking at other peoples lives on social media rather living my own, and I don;t just mean my friends, I am talking about celebrities and influencers. I also started paying attention to how my moods change when I used social media – sometimes just being on their for a few minutes could bring my mood down. I am not alone in this thinking either.

A recent survey showed that looking at sites such as Instagram, often made people suffer from FOMO with 46 percent saying social media makes them wish they could travel more (50 percent). A further 46 percent surveyed said that social media made them feel their own lives are unexciting and 43 percent said they haven’t achieved as much as their peers (43 percent). This is so relatable and it really helped me decide that moving forward I will be making sure to use social for positive things and not to fall down a pity pot hole when I do use it. I have been doing it for a few days now and feel much better. 

JOMO Daily 

The study was commissioned by giffgaff to launch their new wellbeing hub on the giffgaff website. Based on their research giffgaff have even created a JOMO generator which you can check out over here – which offers great tips on how to practice JOMO in your day to day life. 

There are also some great tips from sites such as Experience Jomo which offer daily tips on how to be less FOMO and more JOMO which I have found very useful. 

Are you doing anything for a New Years resolution? If so let us know below and make sure to leave any tips on how you are doing it as well…and make sure to keep up the conversation on our social channels. 


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