Killing Eve – Villanelle’s Best Looks

Killing Eve, series 3 returns to BBC tonight, and I must admit that, during the current climate, that makes me very excited. The past two series have been everything, shocking, witty, exciting and different from everything else you watch on the TV. Add into this the fact that the series is female lead with the most incredible leads, and you have a series that is frankly unmissable, and, in Jodie Comer, an iconic villain who also happens to knock it out of the park when it comes to style.

No completely evil, morale less assassin has any right to be as beautiful and stylish as Villanelle. A master of disguise and also a real lover of style and beautiful things, Villanelle first cemented her status as unforgettable in a Molly Goddard hot pink meringue of a dress, totally frothy, divinely feminine, and completely inappropriate for a female killer.

Series two started with Villanelle escaping from hospital wearing a pair of pyjamas in her own style (too short, with a child’s print, but looking frankly amazing). More fantastic looks followed, gothic black elegance in a long ballgown, androgynous, Oxbridge styling and lots of stylish dresses with fabulous prints.

Spoilers from series 3 show there is no letting up when it comes to high fashion looks. Villanelle is still going to be eliciting wows when it comes to the clothes, and making us wonder whether we should be quite so admiring of a women, who is, after all, a psychotic serial killer, even if she does have a wardrobe that is, pardon the pun, worth killing for.

1960’s and 70’s style graphic prints at times give Villanelle the look of a villain from James Bond, Roger Moore era, or even Austin Powers, whilst I love the deep blue and China style flowers. Lots of striking colours, in your face silhouettes and catwalk ready looks, Jodie Comer carries them all off and shows why Hollywood have come knocking.

I can’t wait to watch!


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