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Life’s Little Luxuries – Things That Make You Go Ooh!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you little luxuries, make the most of them! We all have that little something that puts a smile on our face that we might take for granted, largely because we are so rushed off of our feet to really take the time to step back and appreciate the little things in life.

That comes to an end, at least for this blogger, with a list of just some of the things that make you go ooh!

Fresh Sheets

The first little luxury is something that everyone will agree on – going to bed with fresh sheets on. Bliss! Human touch is sensitive, so much so that it can feel down to 13 nanometres. To put that into context, a single sheet of regular paper is 100,000 nanometres thick. As we sleep, dead skins cells and other bacteria fall off onto the sheets, meaning that they don’t feel as fresh. That means that fresh sheets feel so good because you are actually feeling the sheet itself and not dead skin. Lovely.

The Snooze Button

Just five more minutes! If you are a morning person and find it absolutely problem whatsoever getting out of bed in the morning we applaud you. This writer, however, *needs* those five extra minutes in the morning. After a long sleep, you simply have to reward yourself with a small nap…

First Sip of Coffee

Again, if you are a morning person this probably doesn’t apply to you. For those that walk down the stairs like the walking dead, however, you cannot understate the importance of that first sip of coffee. It transforms you it makes you a new person. One sip of Nespresso Blue Mountain and away you go!

A Good Book

Nothing beats a good book and, when you find one that you can’t put down, you forget where you are. Hours and days go by without a care in the world other than reading on. You tell yourself just one more chapter, but we both know that is a lie. If this is one of your life’s little luxuries, your workmates are likely used to seeing you walk in in the morning with golf ball-sized bags underneath your eyes as a result of lack of sleep.

Finding a New Series

Finishing a series is a lot likely losing a family member – you say goodbye to characters that you have spent so much time with over the last couple of weeks that you probably know them better than you know yourself. So, when you find a new series that you can binge watch every night after work, good times! Now all you need is a believable excuse to cancel those plans that you have already postponed four times over.


The smell, the taste, the anything and everything that bacon is. A bacon sandwich is a lot like sex – even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Bacon, though, is arguably at its best when accompanied with sausages and eggs as part of a fry-up.


Yes, I’ll admit it – I have a small problem when it comes to food. If anyone doesn’t have chocolate on their list of life’s little luxuries then they are either lying to themselves or dead inside. The ultimate comfort food, chocolate is a lot like a bacon sandwich – even when it’s bad…


Last, but by no means least, on the list of life’s little luxuries is freebies. We all love getting something for free, even if we don’t necessarily like what it is we are getting. Free goodies that you can get in exchange for vouchers in newspapers, totting up rewards point or for any reason whatsoever can really make you smile. Especially if it’s chocolate, or bacon…or chocolate bacon…

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