Maximising Space In Your Child’s Bedroom

It is a common scenario. A young couple buy a starter home that is just perfect for them. Then they start a family and the home that was once perfect suddenly feels a little tight on space, especially when it comes to the bedrooms. So many new build homes have a box room as part of their layout, and these need to have some serious space saving ideas in order to make them viable as a bedroom. The obvious answer in this scenario would be to move house, but that is not such an easy option in the 21st century. Instead we have to look carefully at creating space where we can, and have to look in particular at the furniture we use.

One way that you can create space in a child’s room, particular if it is a shared room is through the use of bunk beds. Bunk beds place both of the beds on a single wall, and are also great if you only have one child, but often have friends over to stay. Some beds still have storage space underneath that can be used for toys and games, but the children’s bunk beds from Room To Grow also have an option where the under bed space can also be home to a third bed that can be pulled out when you have guests to stay, or for a very special sleepover.

Bunk beds really are a great option. Kids love them, we recently did a sleepover at Warwick Castle and the fact that the room had bunk beds just added to the general excitement. There is also the option of a cabin bed style bunk if you have just the one child, this can then help you with space as wardrobes, desks and shelving units can be incorporated into the design. The most important feature is the amount of floor space this sort of bed leaves, very important if you want to play with train sets or racing tracks.


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