Michelin Winter Driving Campaign

As the Autumn days continue to drift away, our thoughts turn to winter. There are so many lovely things to look forward to  when Winter comes. We have Christmas and all the joy it brings, the festive markets, the mulled wine and mince pies, the countdown to Santa. Winter brings many other joys, sitting in front of cosy fires on those cold winter nights, the chance to wear all those lovely hats and scarves and gloves, and the beautiful, bright clear frosty mornings where it is cold, but oh so crisp. Yes, Winter has a lot to recommend it.

But then we have to consider the weather, and all the problems it can bring. Last year we had the terrible rain that caused endless misery in the way of flooding. The two previous years had since very heavy snowfall that lasted for long periods of time and created chaos on the road networks. With all this in mind, and with Winter fast drawing closer, Michelin have created a series of films that give help and advice, as well as statistics, on road use during wet and snowy weather.

The video’s explore some of the myths of winter, the driving worries that many people (especially moms and dads with children in the back of the car) have when the weather turns bad.  There are five films in total, exploring the myths of snow and winter tyres, and the differences between driving on twisting, turning country lanes, or in busy city streets. They also stress the need to make sure your car is road worthy and safe this winter, which you can check using the services of National.co.uk autocare.

nu1 michelinThe videos and campaign have uncovered some interesting facts that are well worth taking a look at. You can view the first video here.

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2 thoughts on “Michelin Winter Driving Campaign

    • Guess we always seem to worry about things that are not actually as dangerous as we think, it’s all about being careful and mindful when the weather turns bad.x

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