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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Foodies

Mother’s Day comes a little early this year, Sunday 11th of March to be precise, so now is definitely the time to be thinking about what to get for that very special lady in your life.

The best Mother’s Day gifts are also the most thoughtful, something that your mom will love and appreciate, and shows that you have really took your moms likes and passions into account. With this in mind I am starting a series of posts looking at some lovely gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Today’s first guide is all about the foodie mom.

A Mom Movie Night

In my experience, getting control of the remote control is sometimes a bit of a nightmare. So an affordable, but thoughtful gift for mom could be a movie night, where mom not only has exclusive access to the remote control, but could also be treated to a favourite bottle of wine, and movie treats.

A chick flick like The Notebook, a bottle of Prosecco, and some of the gorgeous Corkers Sweet and Salty Popcorn, which have crystals of Demerara Sugar mixed with sea salt and have been hand popped. This could be a lovely way for mom to relax and wind down.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

Unless she has given them up for Lent, chocolates are a great gift idea for Mother’s Day. Elizabeth Shaw are one of Britain’s best known and best loved chocolate brands, well known for their chocolate after dinner mints.

They have recently extended their brand to include other products and flavours, including biscuits and chocolate flutes, and their famous ‘crisps’ range now also includes salted caramel and orange flavours. These come beautifully boxed and taste delicious, and would be a lovely gift, perhaps accompanied by a bottle of wine, or some of mom’s favourite spring blooms.

You can find Elizabeth Shaw chocolates in most supermarkets including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

A Treatbox Subscription

If your mom has a real sweet tooth (and I am totally holding my hands up to this, the blog should be sponsored by Haribo), then a new subscription box could totally be the answer to what to get for Mother’s Day.

Treatbox discovers and sources the best treats, around the world, then sends them to you once a month (every month). You can send a Treatbox as a gift with a message, and could set up the subscription so your mom gets a lovely sweet treat every month, something she will totally look forward to dropping on the doormat. Treatboxes start from £15, and you can choose from chocolate treats, candy sweets and retro sweets, as well as Liqourice treats, meaning you should be able to find something for every taste.

I love that you can swap between treat boxes, so you could have chocolate one month, and then a candy treat the next. You can also send your own subscription box to a friend if you want to give them a little treat.

Kashiwa Blue Japanese Teacup Set From Sous Chef

A cup of tea is often said to be the answer to all problems, and mom’s are very often on hand with tea and sympathy, so a tea based gift for mom is a match made in heaven.

But this is not just any tea set. The Kashiwa Blue Japanese Teacup Set from Sous Chef is a set of traditional Japanese teacups of the sort that was once used in the Japanese Imperial Court. These cups are in a delicate, elegant white porcelain, with a beautiful pattern of blue oak leaves. They come in a gorgeous gift box and are a truly elegant gift, made to be used, and also treasured.

If your mother is a lover of tea, then this is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that she will love and cherish for years.

A Casino Night

If mom loves all the glamour of casinos, then a special Casino styled party could be a really popular idea for Mother’s Day. You could opt for something like Starburst no deposit free spins for a chance to win a few pounds, whilst enjoying some Casino inspired party food. I mean, how amazing is this inspired cake?

This is a great idea for a mom who loves glamour, but may be struggling for a babysitter – have fun at home and maybe let dad join in too.

Is your mom a foodie – would she love a food based Mother’s Day gift?


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