Movie Week at The Alexandra Birmingham

On the day that BIrmingham celebrated its 130th birthday as a city, the city’s newly revamped theatre, The Alexandra launched its first film festival, with every ticket being totally free. Last night saw a showing of the cult 90s movie Clueless, and I went along to enjoy what is one of my favourite, feelgood movies with a whole lot of fashion thrown in.


This week will see a whole range of screenings including The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wayne’s World One and Two, Mean Girls and a Saturday night quadruple bill of 80s classics – Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, finishing around 2 in the morning.

There are parent and baby screenings, sing along and dress up nights, and a few screenings where dogs are also welcome. Special cocktails have been created for key films and you can get discounts on all drinks by purchasing vouchers at the box office.

An indoor film festival during the notably dark and dismal month that is January is a fabulous idea, especially when the films are of the feelgood nature that The Alexandra has chosen. Add in the fact that tickets are free of charge and you get a totally brilliant gift to the city of Birmingham during its birthday week.

To find tickets for showings, click on the link here.

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