Moving Home With Your Pet

Moving home is an exciting time for all, but it is also a time of stress and upheaval. There is so much to do, so much to prepare and take care of before you move, as you dismantle your whole life in one property and then move it to another property, and have to put it all back together again. This is hard for any person, but it is also easy to forget that this can also be hard for your pets too, particularly cats and dogs.

If you have a four legged friend then you want to make your house move as quick and efficient as you can. Using a service like Movers and Packers can help with this, as they offer the best and stress free removal service by packing up all your things for you, and then moving an unpacking them in your new home. This means that your house move is much quicker than if you had to pack it all up for yourself, giving you the least possible amount of disruption.

But what else can you do to ensure your beloved pet doesn’t become too distressed and disorientated by any move?

For a dog you need to try to keep to a routine. If you walk your dog at certain times of the day, feed at certain times of the day, then try to keep to this, even if it is difficult to do so. Whilst you are moving furniture, try to contain them in one room so they are not disturbed too much by the furniture disappearing, and make sure you keep their pet bed, toys and familiar items with them as a comfort. Prepare a supply of your dog’s favourite meaty treats to keep your fur buddy happily occupied while you get busy with packing. Also, make sure these treats are on hand to use as positive reinforcement for when you’re keeping them calm throughout all the commotion of moving and getting them used to the new place.

On the moving day itself, you may be best to leave your dog with family or a friend it is familiar with, so they will be able to move back in to a home that at least has familiar things already set out. And make sure you do let them explore the house, if they are more nervous, move around the rooms with them giving lots of encouragement and fuss as you do so, so they realise they haven’t done anything wrong.

If you have a cat the situation is very similar, try to keep to your usual routines throughout the day, and maybe consider a cattery on the day of moving so you will not be leaving your cat alone in either your old or new home.  With a cat, it may be worth allowing them to explore the outside space as well as the inside, and put their belongings out as soon as possible so they know they have a new home.

With any luck your pet will settle as quickly as you will.



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