Must-Have Prom Accessories: 5 Glam Extras To Make You Look Fantastic

Are you getting ready for prom? It’s an opportunity to shine, to show all your classmates how fantastic you can look and you can even remind certain people what they are missing out on. Looking great will boost your confidence

But, to get the right look you’re going to need to check out the best prom dresses near me and, once you’ve chosen one from the impressive collection, you’ll need the perfect glam accessories. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help you have all the glam accessories you need to look fantastic at your prom. 

  • Go Big With Earrings

One of the best glam extras is your earrings. Regardless of what you usually wear, for prom, you want to go big and make sure they have a splash of colour. Ideally, this colour will compliment your stunning dress. 

The earrings should dangle at least halfway between your ears and chin, although longer is also great.

  • Add Some Sparkle

A little sparkle goes a long way. It helps your accessories catch the light and can literally make you appear to glow to other people at your prom. But, it is possible to overdo the sparkle. For example, if you’ve opted for a sequin dress then steer clear of any other sparkly items. 

But, if your dress isn’t sparkly, add a ring that catches the light, perhaps a necklace or a watch, and even use glitter cream on any exposed skin parts. The shimmer is enticing.

  • Choose the Right Hair Accessories

You’ve probably spent nearly as long choosing a hairstyle as you spent choosing your prom dress. In most cases, you’ll have your hair done professionally on the day of the prom. But, while fantastic hair will make you look and feel great, the right hair accessory can lift your entire outfit. 

That means, adding a large bow with ribbons stretching down your hair, perfect for the traditional fairy tale prom dress. Or, add a tiara. If you prefer something glamorous but a little more low-key, try hair pins with a distinctive design. This is another opportunity to add sparkle.  

  • Go High With Your Shoes

There are various times in life when high heels are essential and your prom is one of them. Adopt the highest heel you can comfortably move in for the night. It will make you appear taller and slimmer as well as emphasize the toned shape of your legs. 

Your shoes should also be colour-coded to your outfit and a little sparkle or similar detail will provide the perfect finishing touch.

  • Keep The Bag Dainty

You’ll need a bag to carry your basic accessories. However, the key to a glam prom bag is to keep it small. The clutch purse is the right choice. It can be coordinated with your outfit and you can even have sparkles on it or add a pin to reflect your personality. This will catch people’s eyes and remind them of just how glamorous you are. 


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