Need Inspiration For An Interior Design?

What do you look at when getting inspiration for an interior design? You can look at the internet for ideas, and you can look around the world, however have you considered gathering inspiration from your own home?

Artists use this technique all the time to get inspiration for their next up-coming project. They can look at an old hairbrush and gain inspiration, however not everyone is an artist.

So if you need some inspiration, and want to get an object that can inspire your everyday activities, consider looking around your home.

One inspiration that will grab your attention will be the décor. However, look closer, you can get inspirations from your hardwood floors to get ideas of different style of designs. Another great idea would be a rug. Since rugs bring good value to the home, take and look to see if your rug can give you a spark of inspiration.

However not everyone knows how to choose a rug for their type of flooring. If you are one of those people, look at the infographic below from Land of Rugs and make the right choice!  




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