Powerful Recipes for Your Wellness in 2019

Gone are those days when cannabinoids, as well as cannabis, were thought of as harmful substances. Recently, a lot of people started coming to terms with how great CBD-based products are, and how they could work magic when health was concerned.

CBD oils are currently used to treat many ailments, and with the studies that have been carried out, there are no side effects.

When some persons notice a side effect while they consume CBD oils, it usually comes from another drug that was combined with CBD oils.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Taking CBD oils will help to heighten your health status, and is very versatile when it comes to treating many ailments.

CBD oils can be used to treat epilepsy, anxiety, acne, and sometimes are added to the treatment of cancer. The health benefits of CBD oils are so great that one can’t help but gaze at the wonders.

Is that all? Far from it.

The oils can easily be added to your drink or food like the fiber gummies. Sometimes, you can decide to drink it directly, but many persons prefer to add them to their meal.

If you have decided to benefit from the wonders of CBD oils, there are great recipes that are not only tasty but healthy.

CBD Mint Tea Recipe


  • CBD oil
  • Fresh mint leaves (two handfuls)
  • Filtered water (four cups)
  • Optional (Lemon squeeze)


Start by trying to boil the water. Once it is almost boiling, remove it from the heat source.

Before then, you should have placed a mint in a glass container. Try to pour the hot water on the mint in the jar.

Leave the mint leaves in the water for at least ten minutes, before you think of removing them.

Once you have removed the leaves, allow the mint tea to stay for close to thirty minutes, then try to add the CBD oil.

Please wait for the tea to cool entirely before you start serving it. Once you are sure the tea is cool, you can serve the tea, and garnish it with few mint leaves.

CBD Chocolate Coconut Bombs Recipe


  • CBD oil (From ten milligram to twenty milligrams, or you can add more to your taste)
  • Coconut oil (half a cup)
  • Coconut butter (half a cup)
  • Raw Cocoa powder (half a cup)
  • Raw honey (One teaspoon)


Get a saucepan and place it on a heat source, ensure that it is on low heat. Place your coconut oil there, until it liquefies.

Once it is melting, try to add some cocoa powder to it. Ensure you continue whisking the mixture, and stop once there is no sight of lumps.

Sometimes, you may want to add a sweetener. Ensure that you add it during this time, and continue whisking the mixture until everything is totally dissolved.

Get out the silicon muffin pan, and place the already whisked mixture there in the cups.

Place the mixture in the refrigerator until it becomes solid.

As you wait for it to solidify, bring out your coconut butter and melt it to the extent that it liquefies. At that moment, remove the melted coconut butter from the heat source, and input your CBD  oil.

The cocoa mix that you placed in the refrigerator should be removed; then you add the CBD oil mixture on every cup of solidified cake.

Put it back in the refrigerator for about thirty minutes until it becomes firm.

CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe


  • Unflavoured CBD oil (0.5 oz.)
  • Hot water (two teaspoons)
  • Flour (three cups)
  • Salt (half teaspoon)
  • Vanilla extract (two teaspoons)
  • Softened butter (one cup)
  • Baking soda (one teaspoon)
  • Brown sugar (one cup)
  • White sugar (one cup)
  • Two eggs


Get your oven preheated to over 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Try and get the wet ingredients mixed such as CBD oil, softened butter, brown sugar, and white sugar. Continue mixing until creamy. Get your eggs beat, and don’t forget to stir them in the vanilla extract.

In your batter, put your flour, and mixed until they are finally combined.

Put in lukewarm water, your baking soda, and put it in the batter. Add salt to the mixture now.

Fold your chocolate chips in.

On your baking sheet, put your parchment paper, then spoon the batter on the sheet. Ensure that there are about two inches between every dollop.

Put the cookies in the oven for ten minutes or so until you see them changing their hue to a golden brown.

You can also add CBD oil to an already prepared meal and just add in a few drops, and you are good to go. Spicing your coffee or beverage is made possible by adding a few drops of CBD oil in it.

We hope we gave you some good ideas about how to improve your overall wellness this year!