New Trends In Dress Rings

Even those amongst us who are not partial to jewellery probably wear a ring of some kind. This could be a wedding, engagement or eternity ring, a friendship ring, something with a birthstone, or a signet ring of some kind. Rings are jewellery which are not seen as frivolous or ostentatious in most cases, but are instead a personal memento, something that is special to us, and signifies a special person or event.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish, and it certainly doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. They can of course be both, and can jewellery trends are something that can be both followed and enjoyed. They can be a way of taping into a trend in a small, subtle way – something you may prefer if you like your stylish trends to border on minimalism.

Here are a couple of this years trends and styles in dress rings.


Rainbows have been a big story in both style and symbolism for the past couple of years. A symbol for LBGT+ groups, even football has embraced the rainbow laces, and the beautiful rainbow, with its mixture of colours that come together as one, is a symbol of love and acceptance. More recently, it became a positive symbol of hope during the pandemic, with children drawing rainbows that appeared in many windows to support the NHS.  No wonder so many of us love the rainbow as our favourite positive symbol, and want to wear it as our ring of choice.

Story Jewellery has fully embraced the rainbow trends and created a range of beautiful rainbow rings which encapsulates life affirming hope and joy. The Rainbow Ring is a double layer ring with lovely cubic zircona stones and has been plated with 18k rose gold to create a truly gorgeous piece.

The Beautifully Broken ring is just lovely, and comes with a perfect message, that there is nothing wrong with not being perfect. The stones are non aligned to give this a slightly haphazard shape that just works so beautifully, it looks striking and is sure to attract lots of attention and questions of ‘where did you get that ring?’

Flower Symbol Rings

Flower symbols are always a story in Spring fashion, with floral prints and pastel colours signifying the new season. This year, this also extends to our jewellery, and particularly to rings. There are beautiful large flower motifs almost acting like a solitaire stone, such as in the glorious sunflower ring featured below, but also can be used as a band such as the band of daisies featured in a previous post.

Flowers are lovely signifiers of hope and rebirth, and are a great gift idea, as well as looking fabulous, even when teamed with casual outfits.



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