Outside the Box: Wedding Party Gifts That Go Above and Beyond Expectation

Your bridesmaids do more than wear pretty dresses and stand next to you when you get married (even if coming to fittings for the dresses should count as real work, too) — they are there for you to count on for anything that you may need. You can turn to them for suggestions, for help packing for your wedding, for beauty emergencies, to keep track of all the gifts, to run errands, and in general, for help with anything that will help you focus on the task at hand, which is getting married.

For all the help that your friends generously shower on you, you must want to show them right back how much you appreciate it all. While you would do the same for them, you want to be generous today, as well. Of course, you need to remember that you’re in the middle of paying for your wedding, something that’s enough of a financial strain. Whatever ideas you seek, you’re looking for pretty, cool, but inexpensive gifts. Here are ideas that will get you off to a strong start.

Celebrity Bridesmaids

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Cute little decorative items

 A well-stocked gift shop can be a great hunting ground for gifts of appreciation. Ornament Shop is a perfect little example of the kind of ideas you can come by — everything from sparkly little ornamental objects for the desk at work or the mantelpiece at home to something cute for your purse or decorations for the Christmas tree. It’s important to pick items that are well-made. They do need to satisfy the tastes of your sophisticated friends.


Glad for a pad

 Personalized, monogrammed stationery can be a surprisingly classy gift. People love such stationery, and it doesn’t tend to cost much; yet, it’s something that they don’t often have. Anyone would be glad for pad of special soft writing paper with their name on it, with matching envelopes, whether they actually plan to write people letters or not. It can look a great on any desk.


A cute little jar of sweeties

A jar filled with individually wrapped chocolates or caramels is a great feel-good gift. Even the best kinds that come in their own classy little glass jars usually cost no more than £20 or so; you could get great quality for considerably less, as well. Sweets are a great little gift to slip into a purse.


Little luxury cosmetics

 Anything in miniature form can be hard to resist. It’s one of the most important reasons why people love miniature bottles of liquor (the other reason, of course, is that it’s liquor). It’s much the same for luxury cosmetics. Since a full set would be prohibitively expensive, you can get individual items, in miniature sizes. Sephora and many other manufacturers make tiny travel sizes that cost no more than £10 or £20 for most items, and they can be cute little signs of class for any purse.



Get a quirky gift

 From a vintage telephone handset for a regular mobile phone or a colorful little air plant (these are little plants that naturally have roots that are exposed to the, rather than buried in the soil) to a space pen, coffee mugs and physical Bitcoins and Bucky balls, there is no end of thoughtful little items that can appeal to everyone when you give your quirky spirit a little play.


Of course, if you can afford , you can always give jewellery; it’s hard to go wrong with it.

Melanie Berry is a working mom and one of those people who has a flair for creating great gifting ideas. She enjoys sharing her suggestions online and writes for several home and lifestyle websites





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