Pamper Your Car This Christmas

If I am honest, I am not a fan of Winter. Christmas aside, which is full of glitz and glamour and pretty lights that do appeal, Winter is full of short days and long, cold nights which leave me shivering and wanting to hibernate like a bear. But even for those who love the month, Winter is a time when we have to take that little bit of extra care, especially when it comes to our cars and driving, and this is even more true in congested cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool.

With temperatures dropping, particularly at night, his Christmas, we need to make sure that as well as pampering ourselves and our loved ones, we also need to pamper our cars.

Is your car ready for its MOT?

The main point of pampering your car is to ensure that it is roadworthy, whatever weather it faces this Winter. You can‘ensure the safety of your car by taking your MOT Test in London at Iversons who are currently taking bookings for December. Iversons is great in that you can book your MOT and a full service at the same time, and they can also deal with any issues that might be found during the MOT check. They do checks all over London and also do MOTs on motorcycles.

Check Your Tyres

One of the major things you need to check when you are pampering your car this Winter is your tyres. Bald tyres and tyres with not enough pressure are both hazardous in Winter, so get the pressure and the tread depth checked,

Check That Battery

Flat batteries on very cold mornings can often be the cause of motorists calling out the homestart services run by the likes of the RAC. If you think your battery is on its way out, it may pay to get it replaced before the cold snap starts.


Lights also need to be checked to for blown or broken builds. If you find these, get them replaced immediately.

Wiper Blades

Your windscreen wipers are essential at the best of times, but in times of heavy blizzards and poor visibility they are even more important. Wiper blades do not last forever, so check how effective they are, and if they have seen better days, get them changed. Also be careful that the blades do not freeze if temperatures plummet – it may pay to cover your windscreen at night with a blanket.

Oil, Water and Anti-Freeze

Make sure your oil, water and anti-freeze are kept topped up to a safe level at all times. Do not get caught out.