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Pebble Grey: Bathroom Mirrors with lights

A well designed bathroom will always need a good mirror, one that works well for shaving, applying make up, looking carefully at skin and pores, and even checking out those skin blemishes and problems in finer detail. A good quality mirror must also be able to magnify the face and skin so that when you leave the house, you really feel like you look the best you possibly can.

Sara LED Magnifying Vanity Mirror £84.49 Click to visit Pebble Grey

Pebble Grey is a company that creates stylish and unusual bathroom mirrors with lights. These range from mirrors suitable for putting on the wall, to magnifying shaving mirrors that can also be portable. I was recently sent the Sara LED Magnifying Vanity Mirror that has a 3x magnification side as well as a normal view.  This is a lovely, top quality free standing mirror that is elegant enough to grace any bathroom with it’s sleek design and chrome finish.

Pebble Gray says of this mirror:-

“…Our mains operated Sara LED magnifying vanity mirror offers convenience and the latest design in LED technology. The Sara LED magnifying mirror includes a 3x magnification side and the ability to rotate the mirror…”

Sara LED Magnifying Vanity Mirror £84.49 Click to visit Pebble Grey


This is a really stylish looking mirror which is also sturdy – you can literally feel the quality in the weight and see it in the design. The mains plug is detachable, so you don’t have to switch the mirror on – useful if your bathroom has no socket. I have to be honest and say we have actually been using this as an extra mirror in the bedroom – I have my own mirror on my dressing table so this is super useful for when the hubby is applying his beard products. The light up element makes the mirror very glamorous and the mirror is easy to move to get the magnification element, and then stays in place.




Pebble Grey have some truly lovely bathroom mirrors and accessories that will add a glamorous touch to any room and will fit in with most bathroom styles and designs.

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