Pick a Prom Dress You Can Wear Again

Let’s face it: a prom dress doesn’t have quite the same sentimental value as a wedding dress – you won’t “save it” for a potential daughter.

Where to Wear it?

A beautiful quality formal gown is not an inexpensive purchase. If you attend prom as a junior, you won’t wear it as a senior. But, if you’re going to invest a dress for what’s likely to be “the” most photographed evening of your life, you want to wear it more than once (just not at another prom, or at least, not another one at your school).

Choose Wisely

How can you choose a dress that you can wear again? There are a lot of factors to consider. Firstly, you may be surprised at the number of times when you’ll need to wear formal gear. Or, if it’s not a “need” to wear, it’s a “can” dress formally situation.

Since you’re not likely to want to wear your prom dress to graduation or any other celebrations occurring in close proximity to prom, let’s think ahead. If you’re going to college, there will be plenty of parties to attend. If you’re going to a university with a Greek system and plan to join, you’ll have more than enough occasions to wear white prom dresses by the Prom Dress Shop. You might want to wear your prom dress to future weddings you or your family might be invited to, or, more certain, a holiday event, notably, a New Year’s Eve party.

A Dress for Prom and Beyond

If you sew or are lucky enough to have easy access to a seamstress, you’re ahead of the game. You won’t have a problem altering the gown, turning it, for example, from a floor length gown to a cocktail or mini dress.

Go to Great Lengths

Here’s an example of a gorgeous dress that will wow not only your date, but all prom attendees. This Sherri Hill Dress (50255) is beautiful floor-length, and can easily continue to be worn long, or can be hemmed to a shorter length. (promdressshop.com, $298)


Dying to Be Worn Again

(promdressshop.com, Milano Formals Dress E1715, $258)

Even if you love your prom dress’ original color, you may feel you love the style and how your dress fits, even more. Here’s a stunning sky blue dress, ideal for a high school prom. But post-graduation, you may prefer a deeper color. We don’t recommend you do any dress dying yourself, but consider taking the dress to a professional. Of course, a professional will be able to tell you if the fabric will allow the dress to be dyed.

promdressshop.com, Milano Formals Dress E1715, $258

promdressshop.com, Milano Formals Dress E1715, $258

Very Versatile

Another option to choosing a prom dress that you can wear again without any alterations. While elegant, a floor-length gown is less versatile than a cocktail length or even a mini dress. There are options that may surprise you. The first is a more expected choice – a dress that’s already either cocktail length, short, or a mini.

One style of prom dress that’s very popular now is the two-piece dress. Here are a couple of examples which will work for the next suggestion. Click here for more information on how to mix and match a two-piece dress.

promdressshop.com, Sherri Hill Short Dress

promdressshop.com, Sherri Hill Short Dress

(promdressshop.com, Sherri Hill Dress 50096, $318

(promdressshop.com, Sherri Hill Dress 50096, $318

The latter, which is available in jade, royal and ruby and the former, the short skirt can be worn, as intended for prom.

In subsequent wear, either dress can be worn with each piece paired with a different top or skirt. For example, the beaded, cropped, cap sleeve top of the short set can be paired with a more traditional A-line skirt, long palazzo (wide) pants, long or Capri leggings or even shorts for a youthful, fun party look. The beaded halter of the long dress can also be paired with the aforementioned “bottoms.” The skirts might be paired with a long or short-sleeved cashmere sweater or plain fitted top.


You do have alternatives – you’re not renting your dress, which means it is yours to do with as you please and if you like it enough to wear to prom, you probably want to wear it for other celebrations. And now, you know how.

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