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Ensuring your Uniforms are of a High Quality

When you supply your employees with a uniform, you are projecting an image of professionalism, and also affirming your corporate identity. Whenever your employees wear their uniform inside or outside of work, they are representing your company and your brand, almost like a walking advertisement! Because of this, you will want to make sure that you buy the best quality uniforms available, and also make sure that your employees look after them.

An Abundance of Choice Online

If you take a look at the online workwear suppliers covering the UK using the internet, there is a lot of choice in companies that you can use. It is worth your time to contact as many companies as you can, give them an overall basic brief of your requirements, and see what they come back with and if it meets your request. A lot of companies will be selling the same or very similar styles and designs, so there is not usually a lot to choose between the companies apart from the level of service and the price.


Easy to Maintain

When you are looking at the different types of workwear and uniforms that are available, one important factor to keep in mind is that they must be easy to look after, with no special cleaning instructions. You will want the uniform to keep its colour for as long as you can, with as little fading as possible. Obviously uniforms are going to get dirty during the working day, no matter what industry, but you will want your workers uniforms to look in fantastic condition, every time they are cleaned.


Comfortable and Hard-Wearing

It is important that you also keep in mind the comfort of the people that are going to wear the uniform. You will want the uniforms to be practical, hard-wearing, but most important of all, comfortable! If you succeed in sourcing your company workwear, and it matches these criteria, then you will have a professional looking workforce that will be the envy of all of your competitors.


Try Before You Buy!

As workwear can be a considerable investment, you will want to negotiate with your potential suppliers that you want to sample the clothes that they have to offer. There is often a charge for this, but if you are purchasing a full uniform for all employees, then you may be able to negotiate with companies to provide you with free samples. Either way, it is always good to try the samples out, before committing to a large order. Get a few employees to wear the samples for a few weeks and see how comfortable they are and how they look after they have been cleaned a few times. Making sure your employees are comfortable and in the loop will help to ensure that you choose the best possible solution that matches as much of your criteria as possible.

Educate your Employees

Another way to make sure that your employees look after their new uniforms when they get them is to educate them in how to look after them properly. Ideally the uniforms will be able to be washed on an economical cycle on the washing machine, as this will also be the employee’s preference more than likely. If they all know how to look after their uniform properly then there is no excuse if they arrive to work and they are not clean or tidy. You may even bring in a penalty system to encourage your workers to take pride in their uniform, and representing your company.

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