Planning a Dining Room Make-over

I once remember my mom saying that once you have your own home, you never really stop decorating. It’s a bit like painting the Forth Bridge – you go from room to room, and once you get back to the start, you start again as it starts to look a little shabby.

We moved into our home in 2003, and the first room we decorated was our dining room. It was self facing, so I turned it into my sunshine room, with yellow walls, a solid wood floor and wooden furniture. It was my favourite room in the house, the one that was most ‘me’ and reflected my love of colour and brightness.

Just after moving into our house in the dining room in 2003.

Just after moving into our house in the dining room in 2003.

Fast forward to 2015 and the room seriously needs an overhaul. The paper is no longer bright, but no contains pen marks from when Joe went through the ‘writing on walls’ stage. New windows have pulled paper off in sections around the window frames, and the dining room table is now a giant subuteo pitch. I want new, contemporary furniture and decor in my favourite room, and I have been looking for inspiration on the Danetti website.

angola-modern-oak-and-louisa-dining-set-14We are keeping the wooden floor, although it will need sanding to get rid of the heel marks I have made over the year (me bad!), so I am loving the Modern Oak and Louisa set pictured above, which mixes wood, metal and white faux leather. I may have to ban Joe from eating anything with ketchup if the chairs are to remain white though…

New York skyline Wallpaper

New York skyline Wallpaper

We have decided to turn the chimney breast into a feature wall. I love anything New York related, especially the Chrysler building, so we are going with a stunning New York feature wall that will contrast nicely when set against neutral walls.

The plasterer is booked in for next month, so the transformation will soon begin – I can’t wait to see my new domain when it is finally finished.

Are you planning any room transformations this Summer?

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