A vintage Update

It seems like an age since I last wrote about my vintage and charity shops finds. A glimpse at one of my favourite vintage blogs – Porcelina’s World – this morning inspired me to share a few of my recent vintage and charity shop finds.

Summer is a great time to find a vintage bargain. There are great car boot sales which are a good hunting ground. I found a great blue crimplene skirt for 50p, and a gothic black dress (pictured below) for just £2. Car boot sales allow you to barter and you can often make an offer if you find a few good items. We visit Wales every August and always check out a large car boot that takes place in a farmer’s field just outside Borth – it is well worth a look if you are in the area.

Car boot finds


1930s coffee pot and four cups and saucers £2


Vintage dresses £2 each.

Charity Shops

I always find charity shops to have richer pickings in the summer. Maybe this is because people are on holiday so there is less competition to find the designer and vintage buys, or maybe it is because people are having wardrobe clear-outs at this time of year, I’m not really sure, but this summer has already been a great one for me in terms of picking up bargains. My current favourite is the blue/pink 1970s sundress that I wore to visit Mahon on my recent holiday. It is in perfect condition and has a lovely, timeless feel to it.




1970s sundress £4.99 Acorns hospice shop, Walsall.

The gold chainmail bag was another great find. I love metallics on holiday because they will match with just about anything, and this 1980s bag is large enough to carry my camera.


Chainmail bag £4.99 St Giles hospice shop, Cannock.

Charity shops don’t necessarily have to equal vintage. They can also offer good quality High Street names that help you to tap into current trends without breaking the bank. I got this lovely M&S boho style top a few weeks ago for £3.99 and have already worn it loads.


Boho style top M&S £3.99 BHF Walsall.

I love to hunt for timeless pieces – these may not have a label, but they are items you will wear again and again. A key point is this lilac beaded jacket that I got from Acorns Wednesbury. I wore it casually with jeans, but will definitely be throwing it over a dress for a chic evening look too.


Beaded Jacket £5.99 Acorns Wednesbury.

This dotted dress is another modern piece, this time from Wallis, but again it is totally wearable as it has a classic cut and print.


Dress £3.99 Acorns Bloxwich


My best finds in charity shops always tend to be in the shoe section. Vintage Mary Janes, metallic dancing shoes, Bally originals, these can all be found by taking a good look around. I tend to ignore sizing and just try them on for fit – many old shoes often have the size worn off anyway so it makes sense to try them if they look right.


Left foot – Mary Janes – no label £6 Beacon for the blind Wednesbury Right Foot – Monsoon £4.99 St Giles Bloxwich


Wallis £3.99 St Giles Bloxwich


Salvatore Ferregamo £1.99 Barnardo’s Wednesbury


Bally £4.99 Acorns Bloxwich


Givenchy £1.99 Barnardo’s Wednesbury


Bally 1980s £3.99 St Bloxwich

More finds


Vintage Turbans Lichfield


Vanity Set £12 vintage shop Wales

Dressing table set £12 Shrewsbury

Dressing table set £12 Shrewsbury

Chance glass cake stand 20p Blackpool junk shop

Chance glass cake stand 20p Blackpool junk shop

You can see more of my finds on my instagram account here.

I also have a section on the fashion-mommy facebook page here.

What is your best find?

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  1. Wow you have a lot more luck with second hand shops than me, I always find them to be over priced. I love the gold Wallis sandals – they are lovely. 🙂

  2. I love old crockery and so whenever I am back in the UK, I go to charity shops and car boot sales and hope to find some interesting stuff. I don’t tend to buy clothes or shoes in charity shops, but looking at the photos you’ve posted, perhaps I should – the green and the silver shoes look fab! 🙂

  3. Oh wow, I want to come vintage shopping with you, you look stunning and ooh those shoes! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

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  6. I used to love going around boot sales with my mum and nan, I honestly haven’t been to one in ages, when summer comes around I may have to find an excuse to drag my boyfriend!

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