Planning Your Perfect Christmas Party

Christmas is coming, and with that, a whole host of planning and organisation in order to make sure the most wonderful time of the year passing off perfectly. This is especially true if you are tasked with the organisation of a Christmas party. Because whether this is your annual family gathering, or if you are tasked with organising your work’s special occasion, the one thing is certain – you need to find the right venue.

The Family House Party

These are very popular at this time of year, the ‘bring a bottle’ variety of party tend to be fine if it is limited to close friends and family. If you are opting for a house party, you need to watch your numbers carefully and look out for gatecrashers. Don’t put your party on Facebook, this has sometimes ended in tears, and pack all valuables and breakables out of the way in case it gets a little bit rowdy (people, drink and Christmas can be a toxic combination when it comes to your favourite china vase.)

For family house parties you don’t really need too much organisation.  Ask people to bring a bottle, have some nibbles ready and some suitable music, and that is about it really.

Cottages For Large Groups

Another way to enjoy either a larger family party, or a small work get together is to hire a cottage. There are some companies that hire out cottages for larger groups and parties so that the accommodation is also thrown in – people don’t have to worry about staggering home if they have had a little too much party spirit.

The great thing about hiring a cottage is that you can truly cater your activities to your guests, so you could look for a place that already has a jukebox, or is close to a health spa if you want to add beauty treatments or a pampering package to your stay. Your guests can truly relax and enjoy themselves, and leave the car keys packed away until it is time to leave.

Party Houses

There are party houses and venues all over the Country for you to hire if you are planning a really big adventure. These can range from historical homes to large barn conversions and purpose built settings. They can cater for the largest of family gatherings (a Christmas wedding for instance) to work and corporate end of year party celebrations.

Again, these venues offer the beauty of having accommodation attached as well as a room or place for partying, so all the guests have an option of staying over once the party has finished, which is so useful when the cost of taxis and minibuses spiral over Christmas.

A party house can be anything you want, from a relaxing venue in the countryside that can be great for team building and can even allow people to bring their pets, to a plush glamorous stately home where you can set up showers of Champagne and have a full Swing band and full length and fabulous looks. You can plan and create the party you want that will leave all your guests looking forward to the next one.