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Posters and Prints For Low Cost Wall Decorating Ideas

Regardless of how colourful the home is, it will be even better if the walls around it are transformed from a dull, bland appearance to one with a more artistic feel.  This piece takes a look at 4 cheap ways to achieve this.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers can instantly improve the look and feel around a space.  Fortunately, they can be found easily and minimum effort is required to put them up.  It is a perfect option when stencilling and painting are out of the equation.


Picture gallery

Do you have lots of pictures lying in boxes around the home? You can transform your wall into a mini gallery by putting them in befitting frames and hanging them up the wall.  “You don’t need to buy dozens of frames to achieve this” says Best4frames. “With a single multi aperture photo frame, you can hang up to 7 pictures in one frame”.

Baby pictures, first day at school pictures, graduation pictures are some ideal candidates for your gallery. You can now showcase your best family pictures instead of having them locked away in an album.


Hang up some plates

Decorative plates are a common fixture in many homes. Such plates are rarely put to use so why not deploy it on your walls for an artistic feeling?   Choose the plates you intend to hang up if you have them or purchase a few inexpensive ones to match the theme of your home.  Arrange the plates on the floor to experiment with different arrangements, decide where you want to hang the plates and buy plate hangers from shops that sell hooks.  Combining different plates is a good way to make a quality collage of colours while creating magnificent focal points around the home.


Well Framed Art Prints

This is the same as hanging art, (even the famous gallery shown art) on your wall without the massive costs. Posters are usually cheap and there are many of them available in stores and online. Look for posters that are similar to artworks and put them in a nice frame.  This is a great way to quickly bring décor and personality to those walls.  You will find a good number of beautiful of posters so take advantage of these and experiment. Poster art looks like real art as long as you use quality accompanying frames.



Transforming the look and feel of your walls doesn’t always need to be costly and you don’t have to spend an entire day to get it done!

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