Prepare For Summer Driving by Using These Eight Maintenance Tips!

Drivers frequently plan fun-filled vacation road trips during the warmest months of the year. Regular auto maintenance helps reduce the chance of encountering problems along the road. Consider using eight helpful summer driving tips to help keep your vehicle in great working condition:

1. Change the Oil Filter at Recommended Intervals

Today, most automakers anticipate the routine replacement of the oil filter at regular intervals. This process usually occurs during an oil change. Individual manufacturers maintain variable oil filter replacement recommendations, depending upon the make and model. Typically, drivers should obtain this vital maintenance service during every quarter of the year or after driving 3,000 miles.

2. Obtain Regular Tire Inspections

To avoid uneven tread wear, it makes sense to obtain periodic tire inspections. A mechanic may recommend rotating the tires in order to optimize their useful lifespan. This simple procedure protects your investment in automotive tires.

3. Use an Engine Coolant

Consult your driver’s manual to ascertain the best types of engine coolants for your vehicle. Make sure you maintain these fluids at recommended levels. You might prevent engine overheating and avoid expensive car repair bills by taking this precaution! 

4. Request Air Conditioner Service

A qualified auto technician can help keep your vehicle’s cooling system functioning seamlessly during hot summer months. Regular inspection services ensure this vital equipment works properly. Consider obtaining this assistance before the arrival of the hottest season of the year.

5. Replace Worn Windshield Wipers

Ask your mechanic to check over your vehicle’s windshield wipers. Replace any damaged or badly worn components. This measure helps prevents sudden summer downpours from obstructing a driver’s ability to see the road clearly.

6. Keep Jumper Cables Available in Your Vehicle

Use jumper cables to revive a failing battery. Taking this step may allow you to reach a service center or auto repair shop rather than become stranded along the roadside. 

7. Use a Dashboard Sunshade

Consider protecting the cabin with a dashboard sunshade if you must park your vehicle in sunny location for extended periods of time. A good shade screen blocks sunlight from causing upholstery fabrics to fade. You’ll enjoy a cooler, more comfortable vehicle interior, too!

8. Monitor Tire Pressure

Experts recommend keeping the tire pressure within recommended ranges for your vehicle. Over-inflated tires more easily sustain blowouts. On the other hand, under-inflating the tires poses hazards, too. You’ll want to ensure tire pressure remains within the parameters recommended in your driver’s manual. If you auto does not self-check the pressure (many recent models do), consider purchasing a tire gauge to perform this inspection at intervals.

A Smart Investment

Modern cars, trucks, and SUVs often cost significant sums. It usually makes sound financial sense to maintain vehicles in the best possible condition during summer months. You’ll avoid unnecessary mechanical problems by making this effort!

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