Put on your dancing shoes…it’s party season!

Recently the Next blogger network asked bloggers to choose their favourite pair of shoes from their rather vast, and totally fabulous collection. I browsed long and hard, weighing up the pros and cons of each pair of shoes, and changing my mind every few minutes, before deciding on the ultimate pair of party shoes for Fashion-Mommy. And so, ladies and gentlemen, I unveil my pick of the Next party shoes, the ivory bow back court shoes!

Ivory Bow Back Courts £35 

So why did I choose these? Well firstly it would’ve been too easy to plump for black or Santa red options, and these ivory beauties have a distinctly snowy feel to them. Secondly, they are totally impractical, which makes them a slightly edgy choice for a decidedly unedgy Fashion-Mommy. Thirdly, I am a huge fan of Charlotte Olympia, and these have all those Charlotte Olympia special touches to them, like the beautiful bow on the back. In short, these are totally dreamy and utterly gorgeous.

And how would I wear it?

I’d team it with this beautiful mink jewel draped dress that has a Grecian feel and just enough embellishment to add seasonal sparkle.For the finishing touch, the nude sequin feather clutch adds that 1920s decadent feel. This bag is just crying out for a secreted hipflask.

Mink-Jewel-Drape-Dress £59

next sequin feather clutch £25 

So, that’s my outfit all sorted. Now all I need is my handsome prince and the perfect moment to wear it.

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