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1920s style – Get the flapper look.

Kate Middleton is not the only Kate getting hitched this year. If all the rumours are true, Kate Moss will become Mrs Hince in early July.  Jamie Hince presented Kate with a beautiful engagement ring that is a replica of the ring that F Scott Fitzgerald presented to Zelda Sayre in 1920.





Kate is said to be fascinated both Scott and Zelda, and all things 1920s, with her infamous 30th birthday party entitled ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’ after one of Scott’s most famous books.  Kate has long been a fan of 1920s styled fashions, these suit her boyish frame and she has been loyal to them since her Johnny Depp days, revisiting the look immortalised by the Flappers again and again in her personal wardrobe.  When designing her Topshop collection, many flapper dresses were included, often with stunning bead embellishment, and there were other nods to the roaring decade with beaded clutch bags and decadent capes.





The Beautiful and the damned


But Kate Moss is by no means the only fashionista to embrace the lure of the Roaring 20s. Carrie Bradshaw wore a beautiful black beaded flapper style dress in series 5 of Sex in the City. Sienna Miller wore a beautiful white fringed dress that was definitely influenced by Jazz Age styling, whilst Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie are just two stars to have worn their hair shingled in a 1920s manner. So what is it about that long ago decade that just seems to fascinate?

The 1920s were a defining era for woman’s styling and fashion. The confines of the 19th century corsets and long skirts were finally banished as women started to cut their hair and wear shorter and looser dresses that revealed more of the body than ever before. The golden age of silent movies meant that women had new style icons like Clara Bow, Colleen Moore, Norma Talmadge and the immortal Gloria Swanson. This bought about changes in the wardrobes of women that was forever defined by the rise of Coco Chanel during this decade. No wonder it still resonates today.


Gloria Swanson



Colleen Moore - Flaming Youth personified


And resonate it certainly does. This season the High Street has a range of dresses/shoes and accessories that have a clear Jazz Age feel to them. Designers such as Vionnet and One Vintage have also been influenced by that most stylish of decades, whilst Milly is taking cues from Coco Chanel herself. Flapper style dresses, long strands of pearls and cute Mary Jane shoes are everywhere, perhaps due to the success of Boardwalk Empire. So if Kate fancies getting herself a 1920s inspired trousseau for her honeymoon, she won’t have to look too far.


Get the look – The 1920s.


Petula dress monsoon



Fusion marigold dress Monsoon
Fusion Arden dress Monsoon
Fusion Siren Monsoon
Adele Marie John Lewis



Dorothy Perkins



Dorothy Perkins
Vionnet from Net-A-Porter



Vionnet from Net-A-Porter



One vintage McKenzie dress from Net-A-Porter



One vintage dress from Net-A-Porter



Milly at Net-A-Porter



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