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Stylish Television: Anatomy Of A Scandal

The good thing about Netflix is that there is always so much to watch. The bad thing about Netflix is that there is always so much to watch. The nature of Netflix can mean that you miss things that are frankly unmissable, and you can be late to the party. This was the case with Anatomy of a Scandal, the political scandal drama that seems very apt for our current times, that I finally got around to watching earlier this month.

Anatomy of a Scandal is about a government minister who seems to be perfect. Handsome, charming, on the rise, he has a picture perfect wife, a lovely home and family, and the Prime Minister’s ear. But when an allegation of an affair turns into an allegation of rape, we delve much deeper into this life and find that beneath the surface gloss, there is something deep and rotten at the core. It is deeply satisfying, and yet disturbing television.

With a cast that includes Rupert Friend, Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery, it is also very glamorous. It is a show where despite the shocking subject matters, you can’t help looking at the glossy, groomed  politicians wife Sophie Whitehouse, as played by Sienna Miller, and admiring her understated, immaculately put together styling, with outfits from The Row (the Larina off white wool dress in her opening scene, see here), Celine, Loewe and Victoria Beckham amongst others.

Damien Woolnough of the Sydney Daily Herald sums this up best when he says

‘A wealthy woman who doesn’t need logos’ and then does on to describe the look as ‘soft power dressing’.

He’s right, this is soft power dressing, the sheer luxury of the labels is also key to the elegance of the looks, and is obviously helped by the casting of Sienna Miller, who is always such a fabulous clothes horse, a trendsetter and icon in her own right.

The style isn’t just limited to Sophie’s character though, the alledged rape victim Olivia, as played by Naomi Scott, is softly professional, buttoned up blouses that are professional, but in siks and with pussy bow necklines, are also deeply feminine too., and make her stand out in an office full of men. Michelle Dockery’s styling, as barrister Kate Woodcroft, is start, often in black, no nonsense and lacking in frills, but is deeply chic all the same.

Anatomy of a Scandal is far more than the sum of its outfits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the clothes all the same.

On Netflix now.

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