Retro Engagement Rings

Trying to decide on an engagement ring can be a really tough decision, and will definitely be one of the biggest decisions you can make. This small item of jewellery is a symbol of your love and commitment; you want to get it right! There are many different types of engagement ring ranging from vintage engagement rings to very contemporary engagement rings. It is worth exploring every option. Today, we are turning to the retro engagement ring.

What is ‘retro’?

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what type of jewellery is actually retro jewellery, so let’s break this down. Retro is a term that is used to describe items that were designed in the recent past, or to describe items that are created to imitate that look. In this way, a retro engagement ring could be an authentic retro engagement ring from a period, or a more contemporary reproduction.

The next question to conquer is the difference between antique jewellery and retro jewellery. The best way to understand the difference is to break it down into specific time periods. Antique jewellery, and other items for that matter, are typically over one hundred years old. In contrast, retro items (authentic retro items that is) are created in the more recent past, from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

1970’s Rings: The Bolder the Better

When we think of the 1970’s we often think of flares, bell cut shirts, the mini skirt, bright colours, and high contrast. So naturally, engagement rings in the 70’s had to be bold, just to keep up!

Large, statement designs ornately decorated with lots of diamonds and gemstones. The bold 1970’s engagement rings were firmly part of the sweet 70’s vibes. Having said that, it was still possible for the minimalists out there to pick a 70’s engagement ring that suited their style; for example engagement rings with a smaller, feature stone.

When it comes to 1970’s engagement ring shape; they often incorporated the cluster ring design. This is still a very popular design; it includes a feature stone with petal like stones surrounding it. The cluster style can be quite prominent on the hand, and this is worth remembering if you are considering getting a 1970’s engagement ring, as it might not be possible to wear it every day.

 1980’s rings: Simple, yet classic

For some, the 1970’s was a great time period, but might be a bit too extravagant for them personally. No worries – the 1980’s has your back. It might seem surprising that the 80’s brought with it more simplicity, but it definitely did when it came to engagement rings. Solitaire and twist rings became more popular than they were in the 70’s, but perhaps the most popular was the iconic three-stone ring.

The three-stone ring, or the trilogy ring, is still incredibly popular today, and it’s pretty easy to see why. The three stones sitting side-by-side have brought with it a lot of symbolism, such as the past, present, and future; important milestones in the relationship; perhaps they stand for specific accomplishments. The trilogy ring can symbolise whatever you want to, and its flexibility is definitely part of its charm.

So, we’ve talked through the three-stone ring. But let’s not forget the timeless solitaire ring, and the elegant twist ring; they were both incredibly popular in the 80’s. Neither of these designs is too clunky, so they are perfect for everyday use, but are also incredibly beautiful.

All three styles: the solitaire, three-stone, and twist ring, are great choices for retro engagement rings.

1990’s Rings: Bold Makes a Comeback

When the 1990’s hit people were ready for bolder designs. The cluster ring definitely made a comeback, this time with even bigger feature stones to the centre. Eternity rings, which initially became popular in the 1950’s, saw resurgence. Twist rings remained popular, but similar to cluster rings, the stones became larger.

One of the defining features of the 90’s engagement ring was the accented shoulders. Another feature was the clear-cut, cleaner stones, such as the baguette and emerald cuts. These types of cuts gave the rings a more streamlined design.

There we have it- the retro engagement ring. As we’ve seen, the retro engagement ring is a rollercoaster, filled with so many different styles. How do you feel about it, do you have a specific decade you like? Let us know below.


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