10 Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home Office

Lockdown has seen many people relocating their working life to their home office space, as working from home has become a reality. Many home offices are a chaotic state, a space that may well be multi tasking as both a working space and storage, and whilst under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be a major problem (because you have an actual office outside the home to go to) with social distancing that area has now become all important.

If your home office hasn’t been cleaned for months, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Consider investing in professional cleaning tools to complete your task in the shortest time possible and with the best results. Many pro cleaning tools are easy to use and worth every penny with their superior durability and effectiveness.

Don’t get intimidated by the professional label. Nowadays, you can watch tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use these tools. While you may not be as proficient as a professional cleaner is, your skill will be good enough to clean your personal space.

Keeping your office clean and organised is not just a good idea in terms of your working life, it can also be good for your mental health too. Spares2You, who supply parts for home appliances such as carpet cleaners and vacuums, have tasked me with explaining some of the main reasons why a clean home office can have a positive effect on your mental health.

  1. Being organised

Having to search to find anything and everything you need can make you stressed and frantic, especially when you are looking for important documentation. Try to have some sort of system in terms of filing so that you never have to search hard to find what you are looking for.

2. Self Respect

Living with mess and trying to work in a situation of mess is far less than you deserve. Having a clean, organised space for your work shows that not only do your respect your work, but you have a level of self respect for the person doing it – yourself.

3. Cleaning can be relaxing.

The actual act of cleaning can be both therapeutic and relaxing. It is something you don’t really have to think about, so if you find your mind is working on overload, maybe it is time to pick up your duster and just allow yourself some time to ‘not think’.

4. You can get a sense of satisfaction.

Imagine your perfect office space, organised, clean and professional. This will give you a real sense of satisfaction that you have not only created this wonderful environment, but that it also belongs to you.

5. Increasing your productivity

One of the issues of trying to work in a messy, chaotic environment is that actually getting anything done is very hard, and this lack of productivity can also be something that then affects your mental health, especially if you are trying to work to deadlines. A real, tidy office space will give you somewhere to work in and get things done.

6. It’s something that you can control.

We can’t currently change the social situation and the things that are going on in the World, and this can add to our feeling of stress and worry. But our personal space, and our working space, is something we can control, certainly when it comes to the cleanliness and tidiness of it. This taking of control can help us feel more in control, and can be a positive factor in our mental health.

7. Clean out the clutter

There have been studies that say clutter has a negative effect on our pysche and well being. Clutter looks disorganised, untidy and unfinished, and that’s how it leaves us feeling, so getting rid of the clutter can help us to look at things with a clearer mind.

8. Think of how good you feel after a Spring clean.

When you do your Spring clean think of the way it makes you feel, satisfied with a sense of achievement. This is the same when you clean and organise your office space, you create something shiny and new and feel that same sense of achievement, a sense of calm.

9. You are going to be spending a lot of time in that space

At the moment our worlds have shrunk beyond our wildest dreams, and we are spending a lot of time in our homes, including our home offices. It stands to reason, therefore, that we would like that space to be somewhere it is pleasant to be, and making it a haven of cleanliness and tidiness certainly helps that.

10. Keep this space for yourself

If you clean and tidy your office space, not only will it give you somewhere to work, but it may also provide somewhere to escape for a little me time while we remain in lockdown. That beautiful, calm place will be a lovely haven to escape for some peace and quiet when the kids start to get a little too noisy.

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