Reviewed – Ipanema Diamond Sandals

When I was asked to try a pair of Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema anatomic sandals, I was intrigued. As someone who spends the whole summer in sandals (usually ill-fitting ones that frankly kill my feet…) I was really interested in the idea that any pair of sandals could pass the three requirements that I have of footwear. Could Ipanema sandals be comfortable, hardwearing…and glamorous! The answer is an overwhelming YES!

The pair of sandals I chose was the Diamond adjustable sandal.  I chose these for a range of reasons. The first being that they were just so pretty, with glitter, metallics and diamond stubs all thrown into the mix. I also liked the fact that these were sandals where attention to detail had really been taken into consideration – the gorgeous animal print extended right to the edge of the sole, giving an expensive feel to the sandal. And finally, I really liked the fact that these were sandals, rather than just flip-flops. As much as I like flip-flops I think they are quite restrictive in terms of wear – I don’t really like to see them worn of an evening. But these sandals were much dressier, and I felt they could be great multi-functioning footwear if you are packing light for your holidays.

iPANEMA Diamond sandal Price: £19.95 

Now, I opted for the black and silver, a colour combination that I always think is a total winner. I’ve worn these with linen trousers and they looked just great, and with a dress they are very eye-catching. Are they as comfortable as claimed? Yes, they most definitely are. The anatomic design has a sole shaped made from Melflex. 

Wearing them with linen trousers on a cooler day

This fits your foot perfectly ,supporing the arch of your foot – the part of my foot that always aches when I wear flat shoes. I also love that the design has placed ridges under your toes,  that keep the flip flop on your foot without needing to grip, thus avoiding rather red and achy toes at the end of a day wearing them. And yes, you can wear these all day look. The adjustable strap is also great – my feet often swell in warm weather, so being able to loosen the strap is a real advantage.

iPANEMA Diamond sandal Price: £19.95 

I chose the black and silver shade for my sandals, but if you are feeling that Olympic spirit, you might choose to go for the gold option, which are a combination of matt gold and glitter gold – another perfect holiday shoe.

All in all, I think these are amongst the most comfortable sandals that I have ever worn, and they are mighty pretty too.


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