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Reviewed – Maestro Fusion Make Up from Giorgio Armani

If I could only chose one make-up brand to use, I would pick Giorgio Armani every single day. The perfect blend of colour, quality and coverage, Armani always gives the results, whether it be for a glamorous evening look, or a pared down, barely there face for daytime. So, when I was contacted about a new Armani product that promised to be revolutionary in the area of perfecting the complexion, I knew that I just had to try this. I was not disappointed.

GIORGIO ARMANI Maestro Fusion foundation 

Maestro fusion make-up gives us the illusive thing that we all want when it comes to our skin. It gives maximum coverage that allows us to look flawless, without giving the appearance of wearing lots of make-up. Blemishes disappear, colour pigmentation is evened and your skin has a luminous sheen that is often hard to obtain outside a professional make-up studio. This is because it is made up of a water and powder free base, instead using a range of 5 time released oils that evaporate gradually throughout the day. This ensures that the skin feels moisturised throughout the day, without feeling the mask effect you can sometimes get from traditional foundations.

This really is the world’s thinnest foundations, it almost soaks into the skin on application. The drip style applicator allows you to use a little at a time, with a little travelling a long way due to the thinness of the oils. It was just so easy to apply and results are gained rapidly. I loved the fact that the slight cheek redness I had been suffering with disappeared, and that the skin tone under my eyes, which had been a little dark, also appeared much brighter. But it was the lightness, the fact I didn’t feel like I was wearing any make-up at all, that really impressed me. I may be wearing make-up, but don’t always want to advertise the fact – and this is something that Fusion make-up never does.

Maestro Fusion Make-up is available in nine made-to-measure shades to suit all skin tones, from the pale to warm tones. I went for number 5, and this was a perfect match.

Maestro Fusion Make Up is now available from Selfridges for £36.



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