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I’m going nuts over Salty Dog Nuts

I don’t mind admitting to you that the Fashion-Mommy household is basically a savoury household. Both my husband and child are aficionados of pretty much every flavour of crisps, and nuts are also a delicacy that we seem to get through in droves (especially the dry roasted Variety). And with Winter nights drawing in, my idea of a perfect Saturday night is one in front of the TV, watching a Strictly Come Dancing – X Factor marathon, with a nice bottle of wine, some cheese and biscuits, and plenty of nibbles of the nut variety. So when I was asked if I would be interested in trying out the newest product from Cult brand Salty Dog – the answer was a resounding yes!

Salty Dog are a company with a fantastic back story and pedigree. They were formed in 2002 by Dave Willis, who believed he could create a tastier crisp than the ones he delivered to stores at that time. The Salty Dog of the name was Dave and Judy’s (his wife) gorgeous terrier Ruby. After resounding success with the crisps, Salty Dog has now moved into Nut territory, launching a range that American nuts and cashews in a range of fabulous flavours – salted, dry roasted, chilli, honey roasted and salted cashews.

My personal favourites are the dry roasted variety. They have a rich flavour of the roast and are just so crunchy, but they also have something more, a slight onion taste that just adds to the overall flavour. The Chilli flavour are more orange in colour, but have a real kick to them, making them an absolute must for spice lovers. The honey roast are almost sweet and sour, the glaze is apparent on the nuts and they have a very sweet savoury flavour – a more acquired taste, but they very quickly become addictive – I keep imagining these on a Danish pastry in place of pecans. And both the salted varieties of nuts and cashews are very salty and flavoursome, the perfect accompaniment to a nice glass of red wine, or a real ale.

To celebrate the launch of the Salty Dog range of nuts, Salty Dog are running a very special competition on Facebook. Simply ‘Like’ their Facebook page and then tell them what gift you would go nuts for this Christmas and you could be in with a chance of winning the new iPhone 5!  The competition closes 24.12.12 . You can enter by visiting Facebook. Click here to visit the page. You can also find out more about Salty Dog by following on Twitter.

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