Reviewed: Paperscapes London By Sandra Lawrence

The Paperscapes series of books combine two of my passions, architecture and books. Paperscapes are a series of books that look at the major architectural achievements of major cities of the world, and then combine written information about each building, with a pop out of the building. Once the paper around each building has been removed, you get an amazing city scape of the city.

My book is Paperscapes London, the story of the architecture of our capital city. Others in the series include New York and Paris, and there are also Paperscapes editions that cover other topics, like animals. Each book is beautifully presented in hard back. On the internal cover, there are instructions on how to turn your book into a cityscape. There is then a page for each monument, building or landmark. The buildings chosen for London range from Westminster Abbey and The Tower of London, up to the Lloyds of London building and Canary Wharf, and, most recently The Shard, so there is a real span from the historical to the ultra modern. There are also more unusual monuments including a red telephone box and the traffic light tree.

On each page there is information about when the building was first built, where exactly you can find it, the architect and the height. You can also find out some interesting facts and information about each building.

These books are just beautiful, they make a really classy gift for someone who is visiting London, someone who loves travel, and any architect buff. With Christmas just around the corner, these would make a lovely present that really thinks outside the box and gives a gift that will be treasured forever.

Paperscapes London, Andre Deutsch publishing.

Cost £20 from Carlton Books.

Click here to view this and other Paperscapes editions

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