Romantic Dating Ideas As We Move Out Of Lockdown

This week has seen us move further out of the lockdown. On Monday, non essential stores in Britain started to open, and zoos and safari parks are now also (finally) able to open their doors. The 2 metre rule is being looked into, with a view that this may soon be reduced to 1.5 or even 1 metre, but all this was counteracted by the rule that you must wear a scarf, mask or covering whilst using public transport, which certainly makes smiling, kissing and lip reading far more difficult.

All these moves and developments are making it easier for couples to enjoy a more traditional style of date. By traditional, I of course mean in person, rather than on the telephone, Zoom call or Whats-app. Couples who were already in a relationship before Covid deemed actual dates impossible can now meet in person both indoors and outdoors. For couples who have met during lockdown, through online dating sites like and also through the number of virtual speed dating parties that have been popular, there is now the exciting possibility to go on a real, first date.

But where should you go? A popular Fife Dating Site has challenged me to come up with some truly romantic destinations for a first date that conform to all the lockdown rules that are still in place. With no restaurants, pubs, bars and theatres, it is a pretty tall order, but I think I have come up with some great dating ideas.

Kenilworth Castle

You really can’t get anymore romantic than a castle with the tallest of towers that was built to woo a Queen. And not just any queen, but the woman believed to be the greatest English monarch of them all. Kenilworth castle was the home of Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester and the great love of Elizabeth 1st. He built the tall tower at Kenilworth to impress and woo Elizabeth with the spectacular view.

The castle is now open with a one way system in place and you can also enjoy the beautiful, tranquil gardens, so this could be a date steeped in history and romance.

Fairy Pools 

If you live in Scotland, you could visit the place dubbed the most romantic place in the UK by no less than Mills and Boon (and they should know!). The Fairy Pools are located on the Isles of Sky and are, quite simply, breathtaking, the perfect place to take a picnic, enjoy the scenery, and fall in love. (I think I might have descended into Mills and Boon territory myself there..

Sherwood Forrest

Another one that is famous for a pair of star crossed lovers, albeit the kind of legend rather than reality. Sherwood Forrest is a stunning place for a walk in the footsteps of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, a perfect hideaway for some peace and tranquility, to take a picnic and to soak up the magic of that pretty and mystical place.

Ultimately any date is what you make it, but you certainly give yourself a fighting chance of getting a second date if you chose a lovely, romantic destination.

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