Savvy Secrets to Choosing Your Wedding Theme

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One of the most difficult decisions when planning a wedding is determining what overall style to go for. However, this needs to be your starting point when it comes to your special day. After all, if you dive right into table centrepieces and wedding dress shopping without a theme, you will end up with a wedding that looks like a mess! That is the last thing any bride wants on her big day. With that in mind, read on to discover the secrets of finding your wedding theme.

Forget about the Pinterest!

While we all love spending hours and hours on, brides-to-be can get a bit obsessed with their pin board in the build-up to their wedding day. Sound familiar? The truth is that Pinterest can stop you from making up your own mind about your wedding day, and it can lead you to simply copying decisions that aren’t even you. In the end, you look back on your wedding day and don’t even recognize what is staring back at you. Since when have you been a fan of baby pink? Why did you put your bridesmaids in plum-coloured dresses? Most people using Pinterest in the build-up to their wedding tend to simply pin anything that remotely interests them. Ditch this approach altogether and forget about wedding trends that are in season; it is all about what is right for you.

A good tip if you are planning to have your wedding filmed is to get your wedding videographer’s tips for the best wedding film. They may give you advice about how colours look on film, what could improve the look of your wedding on film, and these may well influence your ideas when it comes to your wedding and the choices you make.

Follow your passions and interests

Do you and your partner have a special interest that you share, like movies, video games, books, or sports? If you’re both a fan of video games, why not show that in your wedding theme? Create a wedding that’s unique and extra special for the two of you by incorporating something that you both love. You can dress up in a steampunk gown and suit if you’re both into sci-fi slash historical video games. Or you can recreate the clothes of your favorite video game characters. It’s your wedding, so you both get to choose what you want to do.

Look at your clothes and your home décor

Your home décor and your wardrobe will tell you a lot more about yourself than Pinterest will. The style of your wedding should be determined by your own personal style. Is your bedroom filled with soft and romantic textures? Or, is it quirky with a retro feel? Perhaps your home is very modern and minimalistic, or is it more chintzy and traditional when it comes to your linen and tablecloths? Do you need to cover chair to match into a colour theme, or will you be leaving it very minimalist in style? What about the clothing you wear? Not only will this help you to decorate your wedding venue, but it will also provide you with the perfect platform for choosing your wedding dress and both of your wedding rings. If your home décor and closet has made you realise that you don’t want to go down the traditional wedding band route, then don’t. Websites like have plenty of unique designs and styles, such as camo and wooden wedding rings. After all, who says you need to have a plain, metal band to showcase your love to one and other? Surely it is better to choose something in keeping with your personality and your taste.

Consider your venue

The third secret to choosing your wedding style is to carefully consider your wedding venue. Your wedding venue is likely to be the most expensive part of your big day, and so the last thing you want is for it to clash with the theme you have chosen. So, before you even select your wedding venue, you need to have a critical eye. Close your eyes and imagine your wedding in the venue you are checking out. Does everything fit? Can you picture your dream wedding working in this room? If not, and the styles clash, you should look elsewhere.

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